Wednesday 2 August 2017

Stitching through the stash

While the rain hammers down and walking turns into paddling I have almost finished the child's quilt.

The colours are much brighter than they show, they come from some charm square packs made from  fabric designed by Kirstie  Allsopp. I bought them a while ago and have only used a few, there are enough left for at least one more small quilt.

I have backed it with this fun print, some of the colours are repeated from the front so I aim to try self binding it. Once the backing is folded round to the front I will see how I feel.

All the threads are pulled through and tied off, the ends will be contained within the binding. I may use some of the backing fabric to make a little bag to hold the quilt. Most small children like a bag to drag around and constantly fill and empty with their treasures.

I considered putting pockets on the front but will leave that idea for the next size up. I made one like that for Junior and he had great fun selecting his favourite little cars to hide in the pockets.

I did a little knitting this morning and the latest sock is almost done, I have started the toe shaping. That will be finished and the next one cast on while telly watching and sofa surfing later. 

I hope to get to see the one armed bandit before the weekend, it all depends on the weather, there is no pleasure in trudging through rain, unless you have a Springer Spaniel of course. My three would get really excited by this weather and demand to go out and then be reluctant to go home.

I did not get to walk the dogs this morning, I am pretty hardy and have waterproof gear but the wind was causing rain whirlpools. It was just a step too far.

Now I am off to trim and press the backing ready to fold round and sew down, I want this finished tonight and will cut the bag out ready for tomorrows sewing.

                        TTFN                                      Pam


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