Sunday 27 August 2017

Operator error and tantrum.

My laptop and I have a love hate relationship, it loves to annoy me and I hate it with a passion.

That is neither fair or the whole truth, I am impatient and if something doesn't work the first time there is not often a second time.

I have been playing a cat and mouse game with the blasted thing and early last week had a major hissy fit.

I stamped and used naughty words then pushed the thing into a cupboard and left it to rot while I stewed.

My temper enabled me to get this little sweater and hat set knitted in record time, it just needs a pompom (Once I find the makers that it) and they can be wrapped up for That Time. My goodness it is coming fast now.

I have also been sewing furiously, with pleasure though not anger, and have enough 6 1/2" crumb blocks for a large quilt. I have some lovely solid sashing fabric, I got it at Flying Geese, the quilting shop in Llandeilo last week. That was when I was planning a lap quilt so I need to buy some more on Tuesday.

Francesca is here for the week and we have plans for some fun times and a few trips out and about. Ben is in seventh heaven and glued himself to her side for the first 24 hours.

Dinner tonight is salad and something, it is gloriously hot and sunny here,and there is plum crumble and cream for pudding.
I have been given a huge bag of cooking apples so Eve's Pudding and Apple cake will be on the menu. I plan on making a few jars of Apple Jelly, some with Rosemary,some with Mint and if I can find some there will be a batch with Rose hips.

I bought some jars from Wilko's, they worked out cheaper with the lids than the Jam Jar Shop without lids. I was amazed as a few years ago I went to town and bought 10 cases of jars at a very reasonable price. I do need lids and labels though so will have to do a search.

Now I am off to replant my window boxes and a couple of containers for the doorstep. I have Pansies and spring flowering bulbs to, hopefully, last till summer bedding comes round again. I should have a good show of Sweet Williams next year, my plants have been put in their flowering positions and a fair few into a bed for cutting. They fill the house with their perfume just as quick as sweet peas, and they produce copious amounts of seeds.

As you have gathered I did rescue it from the darkness and did a little jiggery pokery and so far so good.

                     TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Thank goodness it was a technology problem and mot a health issue. You have been busy this week. Enjoy this week with Francesca. Catriona

    1. It was almost a serious health issue for the laptop, a "near death experience" if you like.

  2. Oh dear! I have found Wilkos cheapest all-round on the jars; trouble is sourcing lids. Have you tried C Wynne Jones & Son they are up in Wales. I get all my sauce bottles etc. from them in bulk. Hope it helps although Jam Jar shop may do them. As last year I bought large jars from Lakeland and then found them cheaper at Jam Jar shop and the replacement lids. You just have to shop about. Pattypan (aka Tricia) x

    1. Thank you Tricia, I have been to the site and will be using them for my supplies. It is almost crab apple jelly time, oh yum.

  3. I love the neon colors in that sweater! It's amazing and anyone who wears it will be able to spot in a crowd.
    We're on the verge of a major heatwave here, mid 30's in the outlying areas. Here at the beach, we'll be a few miles cooler, but the monsoons are threatening to the south so we'll get some humidity here.
    Next year,FSM willing, I'll plant a container garden on some old pallets. Lettuce and some tomatoes. This year it wasn't possible. Good intentions you know.
    Glad you've got a fun week ahead.

    1. Considering that it is a Bank Holiday weekend we are having amazing weather. The little person who will be getting the sweater loves bright colours. My salad garden was nothing special this year but I will try again next year.

  4. I don't have any cookers but do have a good crop of Cox's this year. Unfortunately, due to all the wind there are lots of drops. Do you have any suggestions what to do with them?

  5. Love the sound of the apple jelly particularly with mint, a wonderful combination. I got lucky at the local charity shop for preserve jars they were been sold for 10p each, a real bargain. Love the beautiful bright colours used for the hooded sweater.

  6. I despise my laptop and it knows it lol...I have to format it this week AGAIN and try to install Windows 10. It's such a pain, but what can you do? I rely on the b*stard too much hee hee...the sweater is just adorable!!

  7. Worth trying Charlies in Carmarthen for jam making stuff (I know they do labels and I think lids, though I am still using the Lakeland lids I bought a while back).

    OK - I was in Llandeilo last week - how come I missed the Quilting Shop?!!!

    Sorry your laptop is being a pain. I just had to replace the batteries in my Advent mouse - it was driving me crazy by being "lazy".

  8. I am having similar feelings towards my camera now and have about given up! Sometimes it is better to cut your losses, I think!
    Do let me know if you come by any rose hips (and if there are any left!), we are still on the hunt! Though we are racking up our blackberries in the freezer x


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