Tuesday 1 August 2017

More of the same, please.

I may as well accept the weather, alternating bands of hot sun and torrential rain. That's what is on offer for a while. The garden will be a jungle when I can finally get out into it.

Knitting socks, as always, dying yarn (lots of fun), pulling fabrics for a small quilt and generally ignoring all but the most pressing housework. As long as kitchen and bathroom are squeaky clean and the bed is made I am happy to lurch around with the vacuum cleaner and flick the duster hither and thither. Once the SO's hand is healed he can go to town.

Another missed Knit and Natter this week, I have to go to the hospital for more Xrays, hopefully it will be the last lot. I will soon glow in the dark.

I did manage to get Ben and Rufus walked in the sunny spells, it was touch and go, I shut the kitchen door after delivering Rufus home and the heavens opened, with a vengeance.

It,s a bit on the skew but here is the yarn that I painted. 4 short skeins for socks, shawls etc and 2 long 50 gram skeins that I hope will knit into matching socks. I rather fancy calling the colour Dorothy's Dream. It is a bit rainbowy, quite yellow and turns into blue green. I put some speckles in just because I like them.

It should be dry and reskeined tomorrow ready for photos.

 This is a short and sweet post as I need to get ready for my "outing" to Swansea.

                  TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Not sunny now here...I do wish it would make it's mind up.
    Spitting with rain too so no washing out.

    The new yarns are mouthwatering-x-


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