Saturday, 3 March 2018

Broomsticks with Bea and Rose

I am coping surprisingly well with the 10 mm needles, I think the fact that they are from my set of Chiagoo interchangeables is helping.

The back of the SO,s cardigan is done and I am well on the way to finishing the sleeves. The pattern is formed with bands of stocking stitch, garter stitch with some moss stitch in panels.

It is far better in the flesh than on the photo, the colour has come up a bit darker on screen.

I have not had to cast anything on in 4 ply to give my hands a rest, in fact I have socks on the needle that are languishing in the corner. 

I am knitting away while binge watching the Bea and Rose podcasts, I spotted one by chance and enjoyed it so went back to the beginning. I do have to have a break between each episode just to give my eyes a break (and make a brew). If you have not seen these I recommend having a quick look.

The snow  has all but gone now, I went into Ammanford  after the MOT ( a very nice, well within budget job) and there was scarcely a trace of snow and lots of empty shelves in Tesco. I only had a small list and filled that easily.

Today we did have a little flurry or two but the sun came out and the pavements are clearing. Both the dogs were happy with their walks today, Rufus was full of bounce and had to have a little extra time.
I had to remind Ben that he is no puppy a few times as he was determined to find every little drift and plunge head first into it.
Both he and the SO (who walked to the post office to get a card sent off) are now snoring in unison beside me.

I think that is all I have to share today, Francesca's cardie is blocked and I will get the buttons sewn on later and put it in the post on Monday. She sent a text from work on Thursday saying that although the journey in had been long and cold she was toastie warm, thanks to hand kitted socks, cardie, hat , mittens and shawl.
I knew that it would all come in handy.

Time for a cuppa before the dogs have their 4:00 o'clock walk.

Take care and enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

                    TTFN                                               Pam


  1. I went in Morrisons yesterday late afternoon and the assistant said they sold out of bread by 10. The car park was rammed at 8. There was no carrots, parsnips, onions or spuds....crazy.

  2. Our Morrisons this morning was very well stocked - no gaps as far as I could tell.
    J x

  3. Dogs love the snow. No bread to be had anywhere here I am told. I think there has been a frenzy of panic buying. I just hope people will not waste what they don’t need.

  4. I have had to resort to frozen sprouts today as I couldn't find any fresh ones in two supermarkets but then Andy had to go past the little veg shop and found loads. The frozen ones will get used at some point but I will have to be pretty

  5. Back in the 80's I managed a yarn store. It was when the big needle sweaters were the in thing. They were made on 15mm needles. I could make one in an evening, have it sewn together and I'd sell it in the store the next day! I made quite a bit of extra money back in those days!!
    We had to go over to a friends house to check it for them as they away in sunny Mexico! They live a blog away and we had to put the SUV in 4 wheel drive to get there. The snow is so deep it was impossible to walk over there.

  6. Glad to hear the snow is now easing. I do wonder how much longer it would have taken to have empty shelves in the supermarket.

  7. The jumper looks fantastic Pam. I'm going to look up these Podcasts you are enjoying because I need another form of procrastinating to add to my growing pile of resources!

  8. My mom made me quite a few sweaters and vests using big needles. I have all of them and looking at that sweater makes me want to pull them out and give them a try.... Once this cast is off I think I may be busy.

    God bless.


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