Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Eat your heart out Meatloaf

Many  years ago Meatloaf sang the words "two out of three aint bad" . 
Today I managed three out of four.

I went for a long walk with Rufus.
It did not rain.
The sky was blue.
The sun shone down on us.

There was mud but we avoided it, much to the dismay of Rufus.

As a massive Brucie Bonus I have washing drying outside.

That beats Meatloaf hands down.

Ben was also very happy with his walk and went quite a bit further than usual. Certainly very much further than  yesterday.

And there's more, I found another  new to me Podcast "Happy Bubble". It has been going for a year so I am starting from the beginning.

The grey super chunky cardigan is progressing well, I am just about to start the neck shaping on the fronts. Like the sleeves I  knit them together to try to eliminate any row counting mistakes. They will be finished this evening and, fingers crossed, I will get the shoulders seamed together and pick up the million stitches for the button band.

I have just realised that it is kit and natter day, I will not make it as I am in the throes of housework. I can not leave it as there are heaps of things littered through, all in the interest of culling the population explosion of "stuff".

It all needs bagging ready to be moved out before I need to attend to dinner. That will be egg based I think, perhaps an omelette, perhaps with some  chips. Made in the air fryer  they are very low fat and still very "chippy". Oh! Yes! there is a new loaf of bread so a chip butty is a real possibility. I am a child at heart, but there will not be melted butter dripping everywhere. There could be, I have butter. But there has to be limits, or I could descend into a Chips with everything scenario.

Just like all "treat" items they have to be an occasional thing to be a treat.

On that note I am off to peel potatoes.

                     TTFN                                               Pam


  1. Washing outside is amazing. It's a bit too damp heere. There's drizzle in the air but it's a lot warmer so I'm not complaining.
    J x

  2. Egg and chips, what time do you want me?

  3. I am dying for salad so that is what we are having tonight...I can't wait.

  4. A chip butty ... now you are talking ...YUM YUM ... hope you enjoyed it.

  5. Are you ok Pam ? x I am missing your posts, love from Mo xx


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