Monday, 5 March 2018

Cabin Fever

The snow has gone, in its place we have rain. .Lots of rain. I think that I miss the snow.
I did get the dogs walked this morning, Ben was very very reluctant and we were not out long. Rufus was even more exuberant than normal and we had the full length walk, despite the rain. He was happy to splash along with the occasional bounce into a particularly big puddle. Boys!

Ben has retired to his basket and is curled up with his back to the room.

I have had a riffle through my clothes and a few things have been added to the donate pile. I have Jess, Buy less Live slow, to thank for my renewed enthusiasm in the Use it or Move it department. She kick started my mojo after posting about her 40 bags in 40 days project at the beginning of Lent. I had been pretty much on the ball for most of last year and had removed heaps of "stuff" to various charity shops, but lost the impetus towards the end of November. Which charity shop depended on where I was heading. In the interests of economy, of both time and money, I do not make a car journey for one thing.

I do not feel virtuous,  just vaguely embarrassed that I had allowed so much into the house in the first place. There are still areas where a new broom (preferably of the 3' wide variety) needs to be wielded. I still have an inordinate amount of yarn and fabric but with only the one pair of hands it will be some while before it has shrunk sufficiently to make me at ease.

I have not forgotten the idea of a giveaway and have started to assemble a few things to choose from. Watch this space.

Back to the title, after refusing to travel, using any form of transport other than Shank's Pony, in the snow. Only to have the rain pounding down making any trip a not altogether pleasant experience. 
I am feeling the need for a long walk. 
In the dry.
Without mud. 
With a blue(ish) sky and maybe a glimmer of sun shine.
 I could hop in the car and go somewhere, but it would still be wet and miserable and be petrol wasted as I do not need or want to go shopping.

I will console myself with some knitting, and possibly a little sewing, and probably some tea.

I want to thank you for all the comments yesterday, panic buying was wide spread by all accounts. I had a quick recce through the pantry, freezer and fridge and could manage for a month or two. It would lead to some interesting meals but there would be healthy food on the plates.

I am still coping well with the broomsticks and am well on the way with the fronts of the super chunky cardigan. It will be "fun" when I get all the button band stitches picked up, I feel that it will be akin to having a lap full of toddler. You know how a garment can slither around when it gets to that stage. Hey Ho it will pass.

I have done most of the chores for today, there is just the vacuum cleaner to be manhandled through. I do mean Man handled as the SO has affirmed that he will perform that task.

I am off to delve into the kitchen and assemble my ingredients for tonight's dinner. It will be a surprise, as much for me as the SO. Based around whatever my hand lands on first.

                   TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I know how you feel! We did get out for a walk down BP harbour yesterday which was lovely and a good breath of fresh air after being cooped up. Good luck with the button band bit, that's a heap of stitches to be wrangled!
    Hugs LLJ xx

  2. Its amazing how much food we have stock piled over the winter so we are now going to try using some of it up before we go shopping again. We could probably go a couple of months.

  3. I love making meals from whatever is to hand, makes for some tasty 😋inventions. Our neighbours call it "fridge bottoming"!

  4. As I type it is absolutely thrashing it down with rain and Smudge won't even put his nose outside the door which I sincerely hope does not end up with me doing a late night manhandling of the

  5. We are on our second day of heavy snowfall. I am hoping it lets up very soon. Not getting out for even a short walk is driving me crazy.

    God bless.

  6. We did get out today to do some grocery shopping. Usually go on a Friday but not this last weekend. The main roads are all cleared but the side streets are terrible.

  7. Too many cloudy rainy days get me down. We all need spring right now. We have lots of things blooming, and now we've got winter coming back. This happens a lot in North Carolina. The cold will probably hurt the peach and pear trees that are blooming...for the third year in a row. Hope you get some sunny weather soon.

  8. It was so lovely to see the sunshine this morning and feel its warmth in the conservatory. I do know that rain is on its way for the rest of the week. Yuk! We get rid of the solid stuff now we have the liquid stuff ;0)

  9. We've gone from snow to rain too... I much prefer the sunny cold snow days to the wet, damp drab rainy ones.


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