Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Here I go again.

It was a hospital day yesterday, W had an appointment with his consultant. Of course we arrived on time and his cast was removed promptly and then it was off to X ray.

Then we sat and waited for his name to be called, and we waited, and then we waited some more. Rinse and repeat. Then the announcement was made that the clinic was running an hour late.
Hey Ho, I knitted and we chattered like friends who had not met up for months.
Eventually his name came up and off he tottered, after 7 months in a cast he was definitely tottering.
Good news, the cast stayed off and he has fairly rigid inserts to go into his shoes. There was a sting in the tale as this could come back at any time and he has to be very aware of changes, however slight, in his feet. He also has to wear "sturdy" shoes with  really firm soles.
We do have to go back next week for an assessment which may show that he will need special shoes. Time will tell. That would need a couple more visits to the clinic.

I woke up this morning sneezing and have worked my way through half a box of tissues, I am inclined to blame the warm, dry air in  the hospital.

I have to 'fess up to not sewing any buttons on. I did clear the little bit of ironing though, it was displacement activity. I do not enjoy sewing buttons on one little bit.

I want to take some photos of my latest knits to show you, fingers crossed it will happen later on this morning. I plan ongoing to knit and natter this afternoon, I missed out last week, I will be stopping at a charity shop to leave a few full bags.

The sun is streaming through my windows and I have washing whirling round in the machine. The forecast for the rest of the week is not good, but we will see.

Doddy has left us now, I like to imagine him and Brucie side by side talking the hind leg of a few donkeys as they compare their careers. There is a program, all about him, on Channel 5 tonight and I have it set to record.

Now I have to get Ben out of the corner of the sofa and ready for his walk.

                 TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Lots of good news today and I hope the sneezing has stopped and doesn't lead on to anything.
    J x

  2. Hospitals are necessary evils. My hubby goes every 3-4 months for different things. Once his appointment was 2:30 and we got out of there at 5:40. We hadn't paid enough parking and it was horrendous. I'm like you put off a job I don't like but for something ok n its place.

  3. Isn't it funny the the things we don't like doing. I don't mind sewing buttons on but ask me to turn up a pair of trousers and I run for the hills. I'll do anything to avoid it.

    Enjoy your knitting and nattering.

  4. Glad to hear that W got the cast off. I have at least two more weeks with mine.

    God bless.

  5. That is a relief to hear that W can live cast-free...what a horribly long time to have to wear a cast. That would have driven me nuts. I hope your sniffles go away!

  6. My Dad was delighted with his NHS specially made leather shoes. The craftsman said most people don't even bother to wear them. Dad said they were the most comfortable shoes he had ever had. The craftsman made him a second pair.

  7. Good news the cast is now off.
    Hope the germs didn't stay around too long for you.

  8. Hospitals are great places for a good natter with total strangers. After the first two hours of sighing and waiting you are practically best buddies with the stranger sitting next to you. Hope your cold clears up.


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