Thursday, 1 March 2018

Much the same here as everywhere.

Nothing much to report, it is cold, it is snowing, the wind has moved up a notch now that it is March.

I am knitting the button band on Francesca,s Anouk. it will be blocked later today. 

The yarn has arrived for a cardigan for the SO, a gift from Francesca, it is Life super chunky by Stylecraft in Smoke 75% premium acrylic and 25% wool. It feels soft and bouncy and is machine washable.

The pattern is in a copy of Knit Now magazine, issue no. 67. I watched the latest Inside number 23 podcast and Katie had bought a digital version for a sweater pattern, the Lausavisa. I loved the look and had a little paddle round Ebay, Woo Hoo I found a copy and got it for 80p, postage was £1.60 so it was a good buy. There is a pattern for a bottom up seamless cardigan as well as the super chunky that I intend to knit. I will be looking through the yarn stash of chunky for the Lausavisa and fingers crossed I will  not have to buy much, if any. 
The car has to go for it,s MOT tomorrow, ( fingers crossed that the weather does not turn nasty) I have budgeted twice what I hope it will cost, belt and braces and all that.
 So, if it comes in right on, or less than, my hoped for budget I may just have a spree and buy the recommended yarn. I have had a look and it is not finger burning pricey at all. £5.39 per 100 gram ball and I will need 9 balls. My birthday is on the horizon so I may well drop some house sized hints here and there.

There is no rush as I have 3 projects lined up to knit first. I am a bit wary for the super bulky knit, 10mm needles look more like broomsticks than kitting pins. I intend to cast on something in DK yarn to knit in tandem and give my hands a rest.

Of course if storm Emma collides with The Beast from the East and they shed their combined fury on South Wales, as is being forecast, I may well have the 3 knitted up in no time. We are on a Red Alert from this afternoon. I am just hoping that it misses us and does it,s worst over the Irish Sea.

Now I think it is time to get back to Anouk, 5 rows to knit and then the bind off.

                  TTFN                                                Pam

PS. I think that it is time I had a Giveaway so will be having a rummage in the sewing room later. I thought that if I can find some yarn and fabric that go reasonably well together it might appeal.
(and it will help with the stash busting, 2 birds with 1 stone)
Pam xx


  1. I'm hoping Emma the Beast isn't as bad as they think it will be and that things go OK for you.
    J x

  2. Red alert and definitely blizzard like here now, same tomorrow apparently. Not a day for going out....other than dog walking - well, more a case of letting her run around the field behind us Fortunately, Betty seems to love the snow so far, she's really excited by it.

  3. I hope Emma and the Beast are kind to each other and to you. It's been horendous here on the Essex coast.

  4. Stay warm and cosy inside, I see on the news you have had some nasty white stuff descend this afternoon.
    Lots of exciting things you have planned, hope the family take the hint for your birthday.

  5. Snowing and icy cold on the south coast but we don’t have to go out, except for a walk around the locality with a dog who doen’t seem to notice the weather. Spent most of the afternoon snug by the fire doing plenty of knitting on my Fair isle tam, summer cardigan and chunky cowl.

  6. We are supposed to be getting a storm here this weekend. I am not looking forward to being stuck inside at all. I hope your storm isn't a bad one.

    God bless.

  7. It has been snowing here for 24 hours non stop and the wind is dreadful. Andy has phoned from work to warn Roz about the state of the lanes when she goes to work in the morning.
    If it reaches you please stay safe and warm.

    I did post a thank you on my blog for the triangle papers but just in case you didn't see it.....thank you so much. I am excited to have a go with them.

  8. Hope your weather gets better soon. Beautiful here in South Australia warm and sunny but have been enjoying all the snowy photos.

  9. We've had snow showers but nothing has settled here, in my corner of England, for any lenth of time but it's so very cold.

  10. Here in the midlands we've had quite a bit today that has settled I'm hoping to go to Southern Ireland on Sunday but I'm not going to hold my breath Carole x

  11. I think the UK has confused itself with Canada!!lol We had 8" overnight 8" today and supposed to get the same amount tomorrow. I've spent the whole day constantly shoveling. It's supposed to be like that here (although I do think the snow gods are overdoing it) but not in the UK!! Stay warm.


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