Saturday, 17 March 2018

In the Doldrums

On second thoughts it may have been the Bermuda Triangle.

I seem to have been rushing around like that Blue Bottomed Fly with no resulting forward motion.

The SO has been ill, he picked up a nasty bug from somewhere, and has been indisposed. That is the politest explanation that I could come up with. He is looking brighter today but there is still a tinge of greyish green around the gills.

I have 2 guests for the afternoon, Rufus and Dawie. They are chock full of energy and we have been out for a walk to try to burn some of it off.
(D, who is owned by Dawie, has taken W to Swansea to look at new cars, b o r i n g, I was all to happy to dog sit.)

It was a new experience for me, the sky was bright baby blue, the sun was so hot that I could feel the skin on my face getting tight, the wind was chilly and there were snowflakes dancing all around. That is the second flurry today, farther down towards Cardiff there is an Amber snow alert. I wonder what we will get for Easter.

I still have to take those photos, and sew buttons on. I have almost knitted another shawl and have 9 out of 20 large quilt blocks finished. I find it difficult to avoid those Oh So Tempting rabbit holes, I do not so much fall in as dive headfirst

No self control. 
Not an iota.
It is such fun.

In fact it is so much fun that I am digging one myself, I hope to be at the diving stage by Monday.

All because I stumbled upon a You Tube video that caught my eye and my interest. It was Serendipitous that I was near a very large branch of The Range later the next day. I found several bits and bobs to help me along the path to the rabbit hole.

Now I have some fabric to cut into 5" squares ready to lay out more quilt blocks. I want to get them made and pressed by the end of play tomorrow. I am not desperate to make the top as I still have to decide on the border, or not to have one.

Once I find my mind I will make it up.

                 TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Who wants self control where crafting is concerned, eh? :-)
    J x

  2. That sounds intriguing Pam. I was in The Range this week too, but buying more mundane things (paint!) I did pay a visit to a certain patchwork shop in Llandeilo yesterday too . . . another one who didn't resist temptation!

    1. Well done, I will be in the wool shop tomorrow.....

  3. I agree with

  4. Hope you don’t catch the bug. Enjoy your crafting and creating :)

    1. I do believe that the bug has passed me by.

  5. Looking goforwa to seeing your wares. You are so productive.

    1. I can not sit with empty hands, they seem to attract chocolate.

  6. Control is much over rated when it comes to crafting.

    God bless.

    1. I have to exercise my control muscle sometimes, there is only so much room to stash things.


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