Monday, 19 March 2018

Snowed Under

Yes, you read that correctly. We. are not snowed in, we did have a covering but it has almost gone now. 
The SO has recovered, and has a few free days, we got a dose of Spring Fever (it is the 19th after all) and started to go through the house. 
We are doing the "get right into the corners and don't forget the skirting behind the radiator" thing, and loving it. All the dust bunnies and little scraps of tinsely stuff are being flung out, along with old shopping lists and bits of paper with scribbled memos and phone numbers. You know what I mean, the odd safety pin, biro, peg, cotton  bud and button that were put down rather than away and bred when our backs were turned.

The dresser has been stripped bare and polished with a good dollop of elbow grease and beeswax. All the china has been washed and dried and is ready to go back.

I walked the dogs in a bitterly cold wind first thing but since then the wind has dropped and the sun is blazing away. I have quilts, freshly washed, blowing on the whirly thingamajig and the windows are positively gleaming.

We have just stopped for a cuppa before I get the dogs walked again. Ben has been watching us with a bemused expression, he is not accustomed to this level of activity from the both of us.

My fabric has arrived but the parcel has to wait for a while, I can well do without any distractions right now.
I still have 2 kitchen cupboards to empty, clean and then go through the contents with the aim of jettisoning a few things. I have managed to fill a bag from the ones already done. Toaster bags that hardly hold a slice of bread never mind a sandwich! Gone.

Oops, The SO is on his feet and my conscious is feeling guilty.

See you on the other side. 

                       TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Our snow is going too, just some left in the corners. I do love a good spring clean and a good clear out too xx

  2. I am just so impressed. You wouldn't like to do mine too, would you? < grin >
    J x

  3. Well done on your spring cleaning.

  4. Oooooh I'm not ready for corner ferreting yet. All them bits of fluff are helping to keep the house
    Very glad the SO is better.

  5. Gosh you have been busy! I find it so satisfying when I give the house a good 'bottoming' but I have to tackle it alone or OH keeps 'rescuing' things and putting them back! It's getting in the mood to start it that I find tricky, especially when it's so cold outside.


  6. I bet your house is going to smell lovely.

    God bless.

  7. Well done. I love that feeling when everything is cleaned and in it’s place, even if it only lasts for a week or two!


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