Tuesday 3 April 2018

A touch of kondoitis.

AKA putting the house back to rights. When I was getting ready for Francesca's visit I moved a few things around. This happens every visit AND it is always the same few things, they do not have a "home of their own" but, wherever I put them, they gravitate back to Francesca's room.

ENOUGH. I have taken the bull by the horns and made a large pile in the middle of my bed. Once my cuppa has been drunk I am going to come over all Marie Kondo and  have a mega sort out. 

(I have already made a cheeky start by going through my undies, socks and tights) One small bag of textiles for recycling. BOOM.

As a "self improvement exercise" he he, I aim/hope/aspire to carry on through the house. I may have to devote a month or two solely to the sewing room. However with 2 quilts on the go and 2 more planned the stash level will sink dramatically.

It is the kitchen that will give me most work and grief.

I love to cook, I cook every meal from scratch, I make all our bread and cakes and the majority (who in the world makes cream crackers?) of our biscuits.

I have lots of equipment, oven ware, pots and pans,bowls and knives, and then a few more knives.

Each and every piece is used, with the exception of the maslin pan and my deep pan for whole hams, probably weekly.

I do use a steamer for veg but still use all my smaller pans. I cook for W at least twice weekly and he is vegetarian, that is no big deal until the days when I am using meat or fish stock for our meal. Then all the burners are in use with perhaps 2 or 3 steamer inserts. 

I think that another (sigh) reorganisation of the storage is called for.
At the same time I would like to cut down on my food stock.

I spent my childhood and large chunks of my adult life living miles away from any shops. The result is that I like to have at the very least a months worth of food in. The reality is that I probably have nearer to 3 months worth of many items.

I do not have millions of ornaments, years spent dusting my grandmothers china stopped me from developing that particular vice. The dresser is full of my Royal Albert but we use that, some daily.

There are many books, all on shelves, and a decent collection of DVD's all of which are watched on a regular basis. Even with sky cinema it is still the easy option to laugh through a Despicable Me or wallow in nostalgia with an Astaire and Rogers extravaganza.

I do not buy magazines on a regular basis but there is a healthy stack to go through. These are all sewing related as the kitting and crochet ones were sorted last year.

The time is whizzing away, the sun is shining and there is laundry to peg out before I get cracking.

See you on the other side.

If I do not surface within a week send a St. Bernard. (soo cuddly)

               TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Replies
    1. So Far, So Good, 1 bag filled for the CS and a handful for recycling. Still have the magazines to flick through.

  2. Ooooh Kondoitis....can you get medication for that
    We need a serious declutter but I am not in the right frame of mind to be starting that just now. When I do start it will be my kitchen. I have way too much stuff in there. I will have to be ruthless as I love it all but something's gotta give.

    1. It is going well so far, if there is any treatment I don't want it just yet. I can not think of anything that is redundant in my kitchen so the storage will have to be shuffled.

  3. You have sunshine .... we have rain- AGAIN!

    1. We had a torrential downpour just before 4:00 but by half past it was bright sun again.

  4. I love a good sort out, it's the time of year where I get going, and loads go to the charity shop. I am hoping there is less this year, as we have stopped purchasing so much stuff!

    1. I did have a dressmaking party last year, really I am just removing the things that I have not worn or used for ages.

  5. You just made me smile Pam... I think there must be something in the air... I too am having a humungous Marie Kondo style chuck out... It is hard to let go but oh so liberating. Keep it up... Think of the extra space you will have when it is all gone

    1. I have not chucked a massive amount out but I have changed the way that my clothes are stored. I have gained lots of space and found things that I had forgotten about. 3 multi packs of tights were hidden away.

  6. Will send in the St. Bernard if we don't hear from you. Have "fun" clearing things out and reorganizing.

    God bless.

  7. Marie Kondo made a lot of sense to me while I watched numerous YouTube videos singing the praise of decluttering, and I bought the book, inhaled it, and started to Get My Life in Order. I did really well. But. I keenly feel the loss of every book I chucked out, as if I abandoned dear friends. A lesson learned. I approach decluttering now with great caution. And I think the last item I threw out, was Marie Kondo's book.

  8. Will he have one of those little barrels under his chin? More to the point, will I have to send him back?

  9. Spring must be in the air, a good sort out is what is needed here. Maybe tomorrow....

  10. Whenever I have a sort out - there's always stuff to takes it's place! I've a whopper charity bag pile at the moment and I'm very proud of it!


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