Wednesday 4 April 2018

huffing and puffing

But no house blown down.
I think know that I overdid things yesterday, today I am fairly drained and as it is my cardiac clinic tomorrow I will be taking it very easy.
Some YouTube watching, some knitting, a modicum of snoozing possibly and some catch up blog reading are the order of the day.

The SO is cooking dinner, it sounds a bit spicy as he is muttering about cumin seeds. There are mushrooms to use up and quite a bit of cold roast lamb so I will be sniffing like a Bisto kid all day.

Ben got me up quite early this morning and is now flat out snoring. Nothing new there.

We have had pouring rain and bright sunshine this morning and the sky looks like a calico cat in shades of grey and blue, big splodges of colour with the odd ray of light fighting through the grey.

I do have laundry to go out but it can stay in the basket while the weather makes up its mind.

I am on the verge of a spending spree on books, there are a couple of Kate Davies on my mental wish list, Yokes and Inspired by Islay. Then the new Susan Crawford Vintage Shetland is tempting me silly. I do not buy many knitting books as they soon go out of fashion but these are timeless.

I have been searching for a changeable circular set of 40 cm needles, I could buy one from the States but the price and cost of postage and customs duty have stopped me. I do have some fixed circs and will add to them as I need them. 

If I buy all the books I will not be buying anything else for a few months.

I think that it is time for tea now, I am very thirsty and I want to have a peep into the kitchen.

                  TTFN                                             Pam.


  1. Take it easy and take care. Hoping tomorrow goes well for you.
    J x

  2. Best wishes for tomorrow's appointment

  3. Hi Pam :) Hope you take it very easy! I just did a little book spending spree myself. I live in a french province and the libraries are useless for people like me, I shop at It's in USD, but they are mostly used books so I never have to pay duty and most of the books are between $4 and $6 US.

    1. I hunt for books on lots of sites but good knitting books hardly ever turn up.

  4. Good luck with finding your books at a reasonable price. I am slowly replacing all my knitting needles with Knit Pro Symfonie, they are fabulous to knit with and come in standard length or short for hats and kids clothes. Various cable sizes and the screw on function works really well.
    These needles are a bit pricey but when you use them every day you need good tools. You could Google local suppliers for what you choose and they will post them to you within UK.

    1. I have a decent amount of Symfonie needles, some fixed, some interchangeable, I have a full set of Chiaogoo interchangeable. I usually knit sleeves 2 at a time on magic loop but it is a pain turning them as they grow longer. I saw a set of knit pro royale 16" interchangeable on Very Pink Knits podcast and they would be ideal for sleeves and hats as well as baby jumpers.

  5. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

    God bless.


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