Thursday 26 April 2018

Hell and set fire to it.

I am so annoyed with my "trusty" camera. I took some photos of Herbie and Ben snuggled up snoozing together and they evaporated.

I will watch them like a hawk to catch the next time. 

We had a very wet day again yesterday but today it is sunny and bright and very blimmin cold. The wind is cold enough that I wore hat, gloves and scarf to do the dog walks.

I am planning a Garden Centre Trip for the weekend ( I hope that doesn't bring the rain back). I want to change my window boxes over, the miniature daffs have all but died back and need to be put in a corner to rest till next year.
I have some Petunias and hope to find some trailing Geraniums and upright Fuchsias. I had Fuchsias in them last year but they grew so fast that I had to put them in the garden.

I missed the boat on summer bulbs so I may look out for some in pots, I will leave them in the  pots and just tuck them in here and there.

The SO enjoyed his day and is engrossed in building a locomotive with tender, we will have to shuffle things around to make space for it. I do not mind at all, everything that he makes is attractive and deserves to be on display. And after all I have a room full of my hobby.

The scrappy socks are growing, both heels have been turned and the gusset decreases finished on one. The minute they are off the needles I will cast another pair on, I have a large collection of odds and ends of sock yarn and do not want to fall down the rabbit hole of cosy memory blankets. That is where my dk yarn goes, I caught Herbie chewing on a corner of one yesterday mmmm.

Just look at this, he just threw himself down on his favourite "bed" and I asked the SO to snap him, he is snoring now so I will sneak off in a minute.

Once he is down he tends to stay put for a little while, giving me the chance to get a few chores done.

I am off to give the kitchen floor a once over with some white vinegar and hot water, I try not to use chemicals and that leaves the floor shiny and the smell goes really fast.

                   TTFN                                                Pam

PS. I just want to say hello to my new readers I hope that you enjoy my meanderings. 
A word to all, old and new, I will try not to post so many pics of Herbie that you have to zone out. It may be difficult though. 

                                      Pam xx


  1. Herbie is gorgeous though he does look a little sheepish in the last photo. Chilly here too, showers on and off xx

  2. He's so cute! His favourite bed is funny :)

  3. Pam, I have missed so many of your posts! I had to read way back to find where you got Herbie. He is adorable! I love that little face in the picture today. He looks like he is tired from playing and wants a nap. Oh, he is so sweet! Isn't it hard to get anything done when they are awake? We've had below normal temperatures lately too but next week should be sunny and warm...80's for the temperature. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for plants too! :)

  4. He's a sweetie, he really is.

  5. Post as many pictures of Herbie as you like for me Pam....I adore dogs and he is a proper cutie.

  6. I don't think there could ever be too many photos of your lovely dogs ☺

  7. Love seeing Herbie's photos - don't stop!

  8. I Love seeing the photos of Herbie, he is a delight.


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