Thursday 12 April 2018

Planning on Proofing.

Puppy Proofing. And some.

Thank you all for your comments, Herbie is a delight, a very wriggly, running and jumping delight. He explored the garden a few times yesterday with Ben and Rufus and it became instantly obvious that Things have to Change.
Pots and planters have to be moved.
Protective collars have to be put round tree trunks. Sharp Teeth!!!
A new section of fence and a gate have to be made. Soon, very Soon.

The gate is to keep him out of the greenhouse area, I can just see him hurtling towards it at 100 miles an hour. It is Polycarbon but would damage his eyes and frighten him if he ran into it.
The fence is really just a long narrow section to block  off a possible escape route at the bottom of 2 fence panels.

My knitting has to go on my little table, not on my lap, he stole a ball of sock yarn from under my nose and wound it round the living room in seconds.

He can also access the side table where the biscuit barrel and chocolate dish USED to live.

He did sleep well, all that playing and a new home to explore must have been tiring.

W had put feelers out to all his friends about a dog for me and yesterday he had a phone call. That led to the trip to Port Talbot and Herbie.
W did not go into too many details but Herbie comes from a home with young children and was just too much for them. They had him from 8 weeks and at that point there was another baby on the way.
He is now 9 months old and very lively. I can understand that not everyone can cope with all the time that a puppy needs when there are children and a new baby to be looked after.

He came with toys, food, dishes,collar and lead and so on. He is house trained and is up to date with his shots from the vet. he does need to be neutered but I will give him a month to settle in first. The only real issue is that he does not know his name, or he is a consummate actor, so there is absolutely no recall. He will not be off his lead for a while yet. There is a secure, fenced area in the park where he can have free exercise and we will start that today.

I have not weighed him yet but will do that later, then I can calculate how much to feed him. I do not want him to pile on too much weight.

I will have to slip into the CS at some point and get a bag full of soft toys, he and Ben had a fine old time last night and there were 2 casualties that could not be saved. It is a long time since Ben played like that, it was lovely to see. I need to get a larger dog bed for them to share, I may see about making one myself. I have some curtain fabric, lining as well, and enough fibre fill for stuffing. I could make a separate insert and then 2 or 3 covers.
The quilts may have to go on time out for a few days, I will see what I can come up with. 
It is nearly 7:30 and I have been up long enough for 2 cups of tea, time to shower and climb into some clothes ready for a walk.

I am sure that there will be more photos quite soon.

               TTFN                                                  Pam.


  1. Yes more pics please! We did nothing in our front garden last year - other than put up extra fencing - as Betty has the run of the front garden (not the back where the veggies are) and trampled on/chewed most of the plants, as well as digging up parts of the lawn. She's not quite so naughty now she's growing up (nearly 18 months old), so now we are starting to get on with redesigning/replanting the garden. The puppy stage is fun but very hard work, I hope you, SO and Ben all cope well with Herbie's juvenile enthusiasm!

  2. He is a very lucky Herbie to find such a good and loving home.
    J x

  3. How wonderful and what a good friend W is, so thoughtful. I hope you have lots of fun with your new

  4. I loved reading teeth indeed...when my pugs were puppies, they nearly ate through my kitchen chair legs lol!

  5. OMG an new puppy....WOW; you will be very busy now, not that you were not already. I have puppy envy x I have four cats so not sure how a dog would go down ? had five but lost my 19 year old George last March. I would LOVE a dog but very ill so can only wish xxx

  6. Sounds like you will have your hands full for awhile. Enjoy.

    God bless.

  7. Puppies are such fun. You will really have your work cut out looking after Herbie.. But think of the rewards. Dogs make such lovely loyal friends


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