Monday 30 April 2018

Quick Fix and other treats.

As I said earlier Herbie decided that he was part Tigger and could quite easily scale a 4' fence. So to make the garden safe the SO had to become a Heath Robinson for an hour. He used what was available at home before measuring up for a proper job.

The gate had a temporary tall extension of old wood and chicken wire.

A fence had a bit built on as he was able to leap up and jump down the other side.

I have watched him roaming the boundary looking for another way out for 3 days and he has failed. Bingo!

The So had a wood kit from Francesca for his birthday and spent parts of the week building this. It was put way frequently as Herbie was fascinated by it.

It is on the dresser at the moment but will have a permanent home soon.

It really needs to be behind glass as these gears would not take kindly to dust.

My scrappy socks are finished, they are warm, they fit and all the ends are woven in. I have pulled yarn for 2 more pairs

I did intend to get another pair on the needles but got distracted. How many times does that happen? 

I was looking at Ellie Jones (Crafthouse Magic) blog and spotted "free patterns". 
I went and had a look. 
It would be rude not to.

There were 2 cowls, among other patterns, that took my eye, one buttoned and the other lacy. Now I nearly always wear a scarf of some kind, if my neck gets cold it seems to trigger a frozen shoulder. 
Quite often in the summer that means stuffing a scarf into a pocket or bag, not really ideal. Sooooo I dipped into the stash and pulled out a skein of Malabar, a blend of cotton and silk sadly discontinued now, and cast on the lacy cowl. I knitted it to the pattern.

I like it but the yarn does not really have enough structure, it could do with being a bit deeper as well.

Cue another stash dip. This time I found the leftovers from a cardigan, pure Merino, with the body that the pattern needs.
2 birds with 1 stone, all the yarn will go into this version, which incidentally I am knitting on a size smaller needle. I have also swapped out the stitch pattern for another, so a bit more brain power used. I will be knitting this at least 2" deeper, it is a shame that I did not use magic loop as I could have tried it on as I went.
I did a 6 row garter stitch border in the hope that it would not curl up but it still wants to. I hope that once soaked and blocked that tendency will disappear.

The day is another sunny but chilly one, washing pegged out again and is already dry. That will be ironed and put away soon, the rest of today,s chores are done and I aim to get a little time in the garden later.
At the moment there is nothing on the horizon so, fingers crossed, I will make Knit and Natter tomorrow.
I baked for the freezer last week and this morning I made a batch of sultana scones (now frozen) and a large Impossible Quiche that will be lunches and maybe even the odd breakfast for the next few days.
I am freeing up gardening time so this weather needs to stay put.

On that note I think that I should get that ironing out of the way and get the gardening gloves on.

              TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to keep our little loved ones safe . . . I think you did a great job of doing just that. Fences and gates should be interesting . . . and yours certainly is. I would want that under glass too . . . it looks quite delicate and as you said not easily dusted. Now for your sock . . . I Love Them!!!
    Happy Knitting!
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you Connie, I love all my socks but those ones are "free" as they were made from scraps. Free is good in my book.

  2. What a little monkey....jumping over fences. Glad he won't be able to get out now.
    What a beautiful train. It would look really lovely in a glass case.
    Lovely socks and cowls. I can't believe we are still needing winter woolies.
    Enjoy your gardening.

    1. He is a right little Herbert but he is contained....for now. I just hope that he does not grow any taller.

  3. I love those socks Pam. I have a sock on the needles too but am currently distracted with cement :-) I have been looking at the spiral granny square video on you tube. It looks gorgeous but I can't think what I would use it for.

    1. Now I have to go and find that video, I spotted a few crochet projects over the weekend that are possibly on the horizon.

  4. The train looks amazing and I love the socks. There is a little Jack Russell dog that lives down the street and he escapes on a regular basis. His owner is always driving around looking for him. You would think they would fix his escape route!!

    1. Jack Russells are renowned for being inquisitive and they can wriggle through impossibly small gaps. I stand in the bedroom and watch Herbie poking his nose around looking for an escape route every morning, just in case.

  5. Free is wonderful and to get something so nice from scraps is a bonus.

    Love the cowls.

    God bless.


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