Monday 16 April 2018

Knit? Read? Watch TV?

You don't really want to do any of those, do you?
I'm sure you want to ..............................................................................................PLAY.

Come on, you know you want to.

Look what happened to my hefalump.
You should have played.

I have monkey now!!!

Did you want hefalump?

Go on, have a play.

Mmm, shall we try with my ball?

Look at it. Lovely big ball. You can have a chew.

Oooh, Rufus has come to play in the garden with me.

I like playing with Rufus.

But I would rather play with you.

What do you mean Dinner Time. You had a late breakfast and it is only half past six.

We did have a late breakfast so we had pudding for dinner.
Naughty but oh so nice.

A version of Spotted Dick, raisins and mixed spice. Yum.

It did look and smell yummy but where was my bit??
Look, here is my squeaky bone that you sewed for me.
 Shall we play with this?

There's my new brother, Ben. We share our toys but he doesn't want to play as much as me. 
He is my older brother, much older.

There was a photo of me asleep on my big blankie.
 (it was Mum's but she let me have it.)
It got lost in the 'puter thingy so she will have to wait till next time.
(she'll have to be quick to catch me sleeping)

More later, there is another one of those new bone toys somewhere and Mum says it is for Rufus. Not if I find it first!
BTW Ben has one as well but he rests his head on it and nods off.

                                         TTFN                                                   Pam

PS. I have managed a little knitting but every time that I pick the lap top up Herbie wants to play with it. I did get some work done in the garden and we should have a decent week. There is a lot of new fencing that needs painting, we are mostly puppy proof. There is just the top area and we have a gate to keep Herbie out of there.

                 Pam (hope to get back to a decent schedule soon.)


  1. Oh the joys of having a new puppy around.

  2. Clever post Pam. That wee face is adorable and he seems to be very settled already. Fabric Guild order arrived and is now being stroked as I sliced my thumb putting a new blade in the cutter!

  3. So cute and already the boss! The pudding is making my mouth water and tummy rumble.

  4. So cute Pam, we have Alfie a Cockapoo 14 weeks old x

  5. Aww what a sweetie.... the pudding looks good too.

  6. Oh that little face is just gorgeous Pam.

  7. I loved this post...wonderful! Your dogs are gorgeous! :)


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