Friday 5 June 2020

A cry for help

You all know by now that I tend to be thrifty. I buy good and expect it to last, almost forever.

I try to only buy to replace something that is not merely dead but really most sincerely dead. Deader than the parrot from Monty Python for sure.

Well I feel the overwhelming need, defo a NEED, to not replace but add to my cleaning equipment.

I NEED a new vacuum cleaner. My wet and dry semi industrial model has served me well for many years. It was a bargain buy from a shop that was closing to remodel.

It has dealt with workshop floors, 3 Springer Spaniels, several grandchildren and laughed at 30 broken eggs on the kitchen floor. Lets not go there again.

But. It is struggling to cope with Jug hair + terrier hair + Labrador puppy hair. The situation is not helped by the fact that Jug and Labrador like nothing better than a game of All in Wrestling. Rough and Tumble could and should be their alternative names. You can see the hair flying as they play, yes they do take it outside then back they come.

It is very good for both of them, Herbie is losing his excess weight (perhaps I should join in) and Revi is building muscle.

I just need to have a better way to remove the hair.

So, any of you shedding dog owners out there, how do you cope? Who can recommend a cleaner that actually does what it says. 
I am a sceptic and think that, if there was a brand and model that really did all that it is claimed to do, it would wipe the board of the competition.

I don't mind cylinder or upright, battery or mains, although I would imagine that mains is better in the long run.

All suggestions will be welcomed with open arms. This dog fostering is likely to be a long lasting thing and if and when it finishes I may contact one of the rescue centers and offer my services. So the scary, hairy carpet situation will be indefinite.

On another note we have wind, not gale force, broken cloud with the odd gleam of sunshine. The first walk of the day went well, I missed the cuckoo call though, I expect that she has done her job and returned from whence she came.

Building has resumed on a site close to us but we cannot hear the racket. 

There is more traffic but nowhere near the pre Covid amount. Schools are open from next Monday so that will be changing.

The dogs are all snoozing away, Revi hid in the garden when the vacuum came out, she doesn't like it any more that I do.

The breadmaker is just about ready to beep at me and the kettle is not only cold but empty.

Stay safe.

                               TTFN                                Pam


  1. Hi Pam,

    I currently have four cats (I had six originally) and a Jack Russell Terrier who seems to constantly shed. I have a Dyson Animal upright which has been very efficient and successful in sifting the accumulated hair. I also have one of the new Dyson Cordless rechargeable Dyson cleaners which is also brilliant and offers three sucking options. Tinky demolished some of my storage jars on top of my dresser yesterday got somewhere she is not meant to go and demolished a jar of popcorn kernels which went everywhere. Th new cordless whipped it up pretty quickly. Just dont suck any paper up as it blocks the vent in the machine which is easily cleared out. Dyson is expensive initially but they do do the job and they last for years. Hope this helps Tricia xx

    1. I agree Dyson is the best. In my family we all have multiple animals and Dyson does the job really well. My kids each have the standup ones I have the canister one. Another thing I like about Dyson is it can be taken apart to clean. Jean

  2. We live with a shedding lab/retriever cross, three cats Dh collected and farm dirt. I love the Shark vacuums and you can get them with pet features. I just checked and they are sold in the UK. Nice to see you back here again.

  3. Hello Pam, my 20yr old Panasonic upright died a few months ago - loved it but it's obsolete now. After a recommendation I replaced it with a Henry and after a bit of getting used to, I now love it. It's a proper work horse. The dogs are so lucky to have you! X

  4. We have a Dyson cylinder, we find it more manageable than the upright we had previously. It's possibly not as efficient at getting the hairs up as the upright though.

  5. I have a Vax upright with pet filters, my cat doesn't shed much and it does the job I need it to.

  6. Our Bissel Pet upright bagless vacuum does a great job.

    God bless.

  7. Pam, I have a long haired cat and she sheds everywhere, very fine fur which just disappears deeper into the carpet by vacuuming. I struggled for a long time with one of the first GTech battery cleaners, which was really good at first when we didn't have Chloe but the batteries have now given up and aren't holding the charge any longer. Everyday I used one of those dog slicker wire brushes to gather up the hairs missed by the vacuum, a rubber brush or even the soles of my slippers.

    So, I purchased the Dyson V11dok a couple of weeks ago. Boy, does it make a difference, my carpets haven't looked this clean for years! I bought it online through C**rys, they had a special offer of including the docking station for free, it's useful but not necessary as the cleaner also comes with a wall mounting bracket. The docking station suits me better as I'm storing it in the old airing cupboard, which has no longer a tank in it and space wise I couldn't have fitted the mounting bracket without changing the layout. The cleaner is very expensive though but I'm not regretting one penny spent on it!
    I consulted Which before buying.

  8. I had to laugh at your comment about losing excess weight. I was happy with my weight before lockdown. But I will have to go on a crash diet before my gym reopens. I hope they give me enough notice. As for broken eggs...I still remember dropping 6 eggs thirty years ago. The mess was unbelievable. I can't imagine what 30 smashed eggs looked like.


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