Tuesday 2 June 2020

The glorious here and now.

Not bragging but our country is glorious, no serious weather and very few poisonous plants and creatures.
By and large at any rate.
Yes we have floods, landslides and parts of the country expect to have hard frosts and heavy snow. We even get the odd tremor and whirlwind, but these are rare.

I walked the dogs this morning and the land is swathed in every shade of green, splashes of white from some wild flowers, a sprinkle of gold from buttercups, a dusting of blue from speedwell (birds eye in my childhood) and a rainbow from the flowers in the gardens that I either pass or glimpse from the footpaths.

The birds are singing, insect life is all around and bees are buzzing fit to burst.

The little streams chatter over rocks and swoosh round bends as they wind their merry way.

The hawthorn blossom is all but gone, along with its intoxicating perfume, but there will be haws for hedgerow jelly later.

Bindweed is climbing every vertical stalk and post, soon to be smothered with luminous white flying saucer blossoms.

Nettles abound, tea anyone? The seeds are very nutritious although I only remembered that recently, not sure if I am brave enough to try them again now i have "grown up". Young nettle tips make a welcome addition to soup and I do like nettle tea with a sprig or two of mint.

I have a couple of patches of nettles in my garden and plan on having a couple more. Kept firmly under control and in their allotted space.

The pandemic has left, and is still leaving, a tidal wave of tragedy in its wake. The world has lost the frail and weak along with the strong and healthy. The finger of fate has stopped randomly and without predjudice.

I hope that those left will think and remember this for generations.

Can we keep the current spirit of helping as required going. People have been kinder and the slowing down of everything has fostered an almost war time spirit.
We are all in this together, neither race, creed or colour has had the slightest effect. Age, experience and wealth have meant nothing.
Fame nor fortune have been barriers.

We have a new breed of super heroes. 
They have staffed our hospitals and nursing homes.
They have manned our shops.
They have driven food from depots to retailers.
They have emptied our bins and collected our recycling.
They have driven our ambulances and public transport.
They have been good neighbours.
There are so many, all deserving our recognition.

Winston Churchill made a famous speech that is just as pertinent today as it was then.
The only change is the enemy. Covid 19.

Spring arrived and summer is hard upon its heels.
Nature carries on.
There is hope.

The US seems to be heading for more serious trouble but, there is always something bad happening, they appear to do everything on a grand stage.
Where is John Wayne when you need him. 
Not picking holes, just giving my thoughts, they are "over there" and can sort out their own issues. Of course much of the population want no part of the madness, my heart goes out to them.

I think that's enough, I just felt like getting on my soapbox. It hasn't been out for a while and you should have seen the cobwebs. Miss Haversham eat your heart out. That's an awful saying but we all know what it means.

keep safe.
This too will pass.

                          TTFN                                         Pam


  1. I live in a small city in the Los Angeles area. We are under curfew from 1800-0600. We are lucky that nothing has happened in our little town so far, but up the road they aren't so lucky. The protests are usually peaceful, but there are a small group of people interwoven who have a different agenda. They break off from the main group and go into shopping areas and break in and loot and burn. Last night in Hollywood, which is 20 miles away from me, many shops were broken into and looted. These people have no concern for the shop owners whose businesses have been shuttered for over 2 months due to Covid-19 concerns. Some now have lost everything.
    It's scary and the root cause needs to be addressed as well. Perhaps when the other 3 officers involved in the death are charged and arrested some of this will calm down. The death of George Floyd ignited the fuse. If we had adequate leadership in this country perhaps things would be different. The cartoonish reality show host at the helm has diminished this country in so many ways.
    Stay safe.

  2. Lovely post Pam. If that is being on your soapbox I don't mind one bit. Take care and keep safe. Tricia xx

  3. I am sure we all have similar thoughts (and are doubtless glad not to live in either America or Brazil right now . . .) I was saying to Tam today, you don't here much about or from the "Celebs" right now . . . Time for the ordinary people to be valued, and they certainly are appreciated. The reason why is the biggest pity . . .

    I enjoyed reading about your walk and how beautiful the flowers were. I won't be able to resume walking for another couple of weeks at least (and still on steroids at present to combat the effect the pollen has on my asthma).

  4. Hoping it does stay "over there". I think conditions are perfect in the UK for some riots, but I hope they don't happen.

  5. Long may the generosity and kindness last. This pandemic has certainly brought out the best in some but sadly the worst in others.


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