Thursday 4 June 2020

My days overflow

I  have a full day ahead, as usual, and may or may not get everything done that I would like to.
Nothing is urgent, it will not lead to a disaster if I leave something undone.
I will try not to rush to finish, there is no need.

But there will be consequences.

The time that I spill into whilst slowing down was earmarked for other things.

Reading for one, books, real and electronic. Magazines, gifted of course and only rarely, and blog posts. I do get a couple of pages of my book at odd times during the day. I do scan through my blog reading list most days. What I do not do is comment very much, either someone has said it already or I can not find the words as my mind is still mulling the last job or planning. Planning the next job, the next meal, the next dog walk. Or there is something that has to be done right now. Something has to give.

If I slow down, and slow down I will, then there will be losses in my day. I watch very little television and when I do sit down I invariably have something to keep my hands occupied.

There are the things that have to be done, I like a clean house and regular meals, clean clothes and an empty sink.
Then there are the things that I would like to do. I slot these in as and when. Some days I get lots in, some days they get swept aside and some days I am just too weary to think about them. Those days I do not strive to get as much as possible done, I just go with the flow and if that means retreating upstairs to put my feet up then that's fine.

I have a to do list, mostly I get through it. Yesterday I did it all. Today? who knows, not I. Importantly it no longer worries me, much. 

There has been a long gap. My neighbours work van was stolen during the night and visits from the police and 3 excited dogs have kept me on my toes. 

The dogs are my prority, along with Michael who is progressing nicely, they picked up on the anxt and had a longer walk and lots of attention.
I still managed to pot on some plants and get the cucumbers and last tomato plants in their final places.
The hoover stayed firmly in the cupboard along with polish and dusters. There is another day tomorrow not even touched yet, all will get done.

There is a shepherds pie in the oven, loaded up with veg, for dinner and a chicken cooking for other meals. Chicken and ham pie for one.

Now I think that it is time to get this published and check on dinner.

Stay safe

                                TTFN                           Pam


  1. "Clean house and regular meals, clean clothes and an empty sink",that's me too. I am a lot slower these days, if it gets done that's fine, if not it might tomorrow. I've been spending quite a bit of time watching the birds in the garden tooing and froing with food for their babies.
    There seem to be lot of thefts recently, how sad for your neighbours.
    Good to hear Michael is on the mend.
    Take care x

  2. Glad to hear Michael is improving. Your day sums up what I would like to do - a little of this and a little of that not hurried, just enjoyed but still have something to show for it.

  3. Hope Michael continues to improve.You are dong a brilliant job.

  4. That sounbds like a very full and fulfilled life - good for you.


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