Monday 8 June 2020

Champing at the bit.

First let me thank you all for your advice as to getting rid of the layer of dog hair. It looks as though Dyson is the make to go for. I will have to double check though as I am sure that I read somewhere that the business has been moved to a "tax haven". If so I will not be looking at that brand. 

Secondly I am on a forced slow down.
You long time readers may remember my heart issue from a few years ago. I have been in control and all has been tickety-boo. Until this morning. I was scuttling around, getting through my job list, before the foster girls arrived and was obviously going at it  hell for leather. Half way down the stairs my heart went into overdrive and I sat down hurredly. It was lucky that I fell backwards.
After several minutes I got right down, onto the sofa and I have mostly been here since.

During the winter I was fine, remembered to take regular pit stops, and maintained a somewhat measured pace.
When the hot weather arrived it was just too hot to hurry. This morning it was cooler but fine and bright and I got carried away with myself.

Soooo, its bum on chair for a little bit longer today and then back to my old routine for the forseeable future.
I was fine over the weekend as I was sewing coronavirus masks. My family in England have all had some but with the relaxing of lockdown I became concerned. The fact that people on public transport will have to wear a mask soon, plus they will then have to wear a fresh mask once they arrive at work put another strain on the chain of supply.

I have posted off 30 to Francesca, like me she is concerned that the ongoing demonstrations will lead to a surge in new cases. She is still working from home but now intends to wear a mask on her daily walk.
My sister in Norfolk has to go to the local post office and the chemist weekly, I want her to wear a mask, and the same with the rest of the family. Apart from my sister none of them sew, and she does not have a fabric stash, I was given some part bolts of quilting cotton recently and I have interfacing and elastic. My sewing machine is going through a needle every day now and I bless my American bought Oliso iron. It has little feet that drop down when you let go of the handle so nothing gets scorched and it does not have to be balanced precariously on end. How many irons have fallen onto the floor? in my home more that I care to count, usually due to a dog pushing through and rocking the ironing board.

So my days are pretty much cut, sew press, rinse and repeat. I like that. I do have a skirt cut out ready to sew and will try and slot that in this week. I make 25 masks a day, its tedious work, and sewing through the pleats and elastic kills the needles. I could use a jeans needle but I have a stash of machine needles, also from the US, that have been with me for over a decade. They worked out at around 3p each, I ordered them with some  Bonnie and Camille fabric, the Marmalade collection (when the regulations and cost were not so draconion) and they threw in an extra box as a gift.

Much as I like to sit and sew, there are other things to do. I want to be in the garden moving pots and a stack of wood. That will have to wait a while, if I could get the "bit between my teeth" it would be done and dusted. Hence the champing.

The dogs have just finished a particularly lively game of chase and have collapsed on the sofa and are all snoring. It's very soporific and I can feel my eyelids drooping so I may join them for a while.

Keep safe.

                          TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Be good and take care of yourself. I'm sure with Michael recouperating too things are still a little out of sorts in home as well as you pottering in the garden. It's strange how sometimes we have to be forced to take a rest.

  2. Hope you are feeling better again soon, we all forget we are getting on a bit, and just get things done, I'm trying hard to slow down, but when there is a job to be done, I just have to get it sorted.

  3. I have all mine cut out and ready to go. Now just to get up the energy to do so...Mind you clearing off unfinished projects would probably help.

    I do hope that your heart condition gets under control again very soon. Please take regular rests.

    God bless.

  4. Please listen to your body, it's sending you messages and telling you to sit and put your feet up.
    Thank you for sewing masks. We use the N95 ones and they get washed and hung in the west window after use. I don't get out much so I am thrifty about mine.

  5. Home made masks is definitely the way to go, isn't it? Far less wasteful.


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