Monday 1 June 2020

Green Fingers?

Not so much green as brown with raggedy nails, well they were before I got my homemade scrub mix and the clippers out. I mix oil (coconut is lovely), lemon juice and sugar, demerara  is good as it doesn't desolve readily,
The sugar gets into the grain of your skin, and round the edges of your nails, the lemon juice helps to remove the stains and the oil softens your skin.

It's all about the garden at the moment, knitting and sewing have taken a step back. I have fabric matched to patterns and the same with yarn. They will have to wait their turn. It may not be long, we have a chance of rain midweek. There are not enough hours in the day cool enough to work in, I have always been an early riser now it is earlier still when I bounce out of bed.

I hit the ground running but gradually grind to a halt as the sun rises over me. Then I come in, have a shower and get the dogs out.

Now it is gone 11, I am tired and Herbie is flat out on his bed. I am flat out on mine but he is already snoring and I must join in.

Stay safe.

                            TTFN                               Pam


  1. It's all about outside here, crafting is close by but not touched, I am reading, but just too tired to craft.

  2. Sea salt is great for cleaning hands after gardening. Lots of hand cream needed afterwards though.


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