Wednesday 22 July 2020

Ramble around

After a hectic game of "chase me till I catch you" they came inside and collapsed, Revi is hard to see as she is almost the same colour as the sofa. Poppy is tiny and gets into a tight little ball, Herbie tries to emulate but has too much of a barrel shape.

They are the best of friends but Poppy is the Boss Lady, without a doubt. When she speaks the other 2 sit up straight and listen or sidle away in reverse and scarper.

I have part of a fleece drying in the garden, nice and high so that even Revi cannot reach it on her hind legs, and they are all fascinated with it. They know that it is sheep but the fact that it does not move or make a noise puzzles them equally, they take turns in running underneath and barking.

We have another lovely sunny day, with a gentle breeze and I have been in the garden. I am building a net cage to keep birds and cabbage white butterflies off whatever I plant in the raised beds. I also hope that I can take the unattractive fence down, the cage will be a permanent fixture and should be enough of a visual barrier to keep the dogs off. I will play safe by removing one section for a while and monitor the situation.

We hope to get the wood for my strawberry planters this week, there will soon be this years runners available and I want everything in place. Once they arrive I will get them into their planting space straight away. I am toying with getting new rhubarb crowns as well, I will have to dig mine up for the solar tunnel at the end of August. I will have holes ready in their new site but it will be a bit early, I may also find that the crowns are not worth replanting.

Ditto the gooseberry bushes, they will go directly into large pots ready for the trip to Jess,s garden. They have been feeding the birds as we eat very little of them but they will still have the Jostaberries to feast upon and I may find a corner for some Joan J raspberries for later in the year.

I have planted some extra brassicas in an out of the way spot, they will run to seed and both bees and birds will benefit next year. Plus I hope to gather a few seeds and see what grows from them.

I had sunflower seeds but completely forgot to set them, I will have to buy them for the birds this winter. I will save seeds from the squashes to supplement the bird feeders. 

There are no Ladybirds in my garden, not that I have seen, possibly because so far I have no greenfly. Although Popy had one on her back this morning, probably hitching a lift back from our walk. 

That was a bit of a ramble, my mind is a whirl of garden, knitting and sewing. I would like to get some dressmaking done but cannot settle on a pattern. I rather fancy some dungaree type garments, not too fitted, that will be ideal both for dog walking and gardening, lots of pockets for bags, gloves and bits and bobs.

My skirts all have pockets but once the cooler weather arrives, along with the rain, I will want boots for walking and trousers for warmth.

Another ramble, Michael is just in from the garden so tea is required. I don't mind if I do.

Keep safe.

                                 TTFN                               Pam


  1. Look for patterns of cargo pants. They have large pockets on each side below the regular pockets. Handy for carrying things.

  2. Love the idea of pockets in skirts, I always forget to do this. I may have to add a few to some skirts and shorts that I have made previously.

    God bless.

  3. I have a couple of ladybirds among my balcony plants! Does that mean I have greenfly on my plants, cant see any? Revi,Poppy and Herbie sound like fun!! keep well Amanda :-)


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