Saturday 11 July 2020

Phew, It wasn't half hot out there.

My day went much as planned and most of it was outdoors. Herbie and I did have to retire inside for a couple of hours, due to the heat, but I sewed on the quilt top and he snoozed.

My neighbour cut his lawn yesterday so my apple trees and gooseberry bushes now have a tick mulch of grass and a top dressing of mint. It smells wonderful, I have mint growing each side of the path so every time I walk and brush against it the scent wafts around. There is some thyme in there as well and the bees love the flowers.

Tomorrow I intend to have a good clear up in the top section. There are stacks of empty pots and seed trays to be washed and stacked away. Some larger containers to get the same treatment and some general detritus to get shot of. A good sweep up and a tidy through the storage lockers and shed should finish the job off, if not me.

I haven't even looked at my knitting, once dinner had been eaten and the washing up done I made a pot of tea and had a while reading.

Herbie had his walk and it turned into a good hour, when we returned home he wanted to play so we had a game of throw and fetch. Just like a small child one minute he was going full pelt, the next he was out cold on the sofa. He leapt up with a toy and just collapsed onto the cushions and started snoring.

I have sewn the middle section of the quilt and want to get the first border made and attached tomorrow if I have time. Then I may add another round of squares and a second, wider, border. It all hangs on what catches my eye when I dip into the boxes of fabrics.

Dinner was a much enjoyed, and needed, Pasta Puttanesca. As spicy as we like it minus the anchovies. A glug of dark soy sauce, along with lots of fat black olives, gives the required saltiness.

Tomorrows dinner is as yet undecided, it will be something fairly simple as my day will be busy  again.

Now my eyes are as tired as the rest of me so I am off to bed for a nice early night.

Keep safe.

                                  TTFN                           Pam


  1. I'd love to see a photograph of your quilt-in-progress.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day.

    God bless.


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