Monday 27 July 2020

Dusting off the soap box

Well, all those poor holidaymakers. After jetting away to the sun they are now faced with 14 days rest and relaxation at home upon their return. 
What part of Global Pandemic and/or Possible further outbreaks passed them by.

Then there are the travel company people complaining about the threat to their businesses. What about the threat to their customers?

Now these poor hard done by, tanned holidaymakers have to face the fact that they may not be eligible for SSP.

My heart bleeds for them.

It matters not that some areas have minimal new cases.
It matters not that people returning from those face the same restrictions. 

Each and every one of them should fall to their knees and thank The Lord/Old Nick/Mother Nature or Nessy etc. that they are alive.

Then they should repeat the action and be REALLY REALLY thankful for the NHS. 

They will not suffer in isolation with no help whatsoever. Those who succumb to Covid will receive the same help as the rest of us.

You know, those who listened and acted in a responsible manner. Who swallowed the fact that a holiday just about anywhere was a no no this year. 
Those who have still not travelled to visit family and friends, they value the safety and well being of all those people way beyond what they WANT. 

Rant over.

These are my thoughts on the matter. If you disagree then that is fine by me. Do not waste time with irate comments. I do not set out to course offence. I just despair when I see people being interviewed and saying that they are happy to take the risk because they want a holiday. 

Keep safe.

                    TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Well said Pam - some people are selfish and stupid beyond belief xx

  2. I am actually quite sorry for them but I think the government did the right thing.

  3. Stated very articulately and the people in your country are faring better than those in mine because of how your society and government does function. There is little help available to us from any sector of our government if we are ill. The number of our citizens who now are without Health insurance because of losing their jobs and the pandemic are praying they do not become ill. They might survive the illness to find they will be in deep debt afterwards. Masks, such drama here about wearing one. The level of selfishness has been unreal. so I totally understand how you are thinking. Shame on all who cannot think of anyone but themselves. Take care from Iowa

  4. With you all the way Pam. Didn't they notice the 3 months of sunshine we had in spring? We made the most of it in our garden . . . they were probably in the scrum on Bournemouth beach!

  5. I guess it's a risk they felt worth taking (that's if they actually considered it at all) and it's backfired on them. I certainly don't fancy staying in some hotel room that countless other people have stayed in under the current circumstances.

  6. It was inevitable this was going to happen. It's clear to me that there will be no second furlough, the govt couldn't give a dam about mask wearing and they must be dizzy with all the u turns they've completed lately. Its every man, women and child for themself now.

  7. Totally agree-could have written it myself! Catriona

  8. Things could be worse. You could be living in the USA. Most countries won't permit us to travel into their country. Unfortunately, thousands of people here have decided to vacation in our country. As many as possible squeezed into bars, beaches, and other places that are nests of virus. The rest of us stay home, wear our masks when we go anywhere,and wonder if this virus will ever be done with us.

  9. I just can not understand what people are thinking off. Stay safe.

    God bless.

  10. We have traveled from Hampshire to Somerset to visit my family, stayed with brother, used no public transport. BUT no way would I get on a plane and travel and won't plan to travel next year. It must be frustrating to have to quarantine for 14 days, but we are an island and have to protect ourselves. Those who complain obliviously don't understand how this virus works.

  11. We have been shielding for 21 weeks now due to hubbies illness. It makes my blood boil when I read about these people. We would just love to go for a walk for ten minutes to see a different view. Maybe they should see the other side of how some people have to live.

  12. Living here in California and seeing the cases just in Los Angeles county go over 178,000 with over 4500 deaths, I can't understand why people won't take it seriously. Of course with a president who praises a doctor who believes in demon semen and lizard aliens in the government, I'll just stay home and try to stay safe.

  13. As someone who has had a family member die from this vile disease you won't hear any irate comments from me. I couldn't agree more. It's time a lot of people grew up, started acting responsibly and stopped shooting their mouths off on the subject of poor little me, me me!

  14. Hello Pam Congratulations you have won my giveaway :-) Amanda x

  15. Devastating for the tourist industry throughout Spain...I imagine elsewhere too. Keep well Amanda x

  16. Pam, I couldn't agree more. I would love a holiday but I value my family far more and will be staying at home with just DD and her family in our 'bubble. Close friends and other family members are getting frequent phone calls or texts but no visits so why on earth would I risk going overseas to be close to strangers. It would be totally selfish wouldnt it.

    Stay safe Pam x


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