Wednesday 8 July 2020

Long time no see

In fact I am seeing very little that is clear these days, I ache to get my eyes tested. I am not ready to be stuck in a small enclosed space with somebody as close as they have to be. No matter what protective apparel they, and I, may be wearing.

I have been busy with helping Michael who incidently has managed to split his thumb open and damage the bone. The less said about it all the better.
Then there are the trying trio of Revi, Poppy and Herbie. Walking them without playing Russian Roulette with other people on narrow footpaths means an earlier than usual walk. That is an hour or more, followed with play in the garden and then a later walk in the evening. 
You would think that I would be a few mm shorter and at least a Kg or so thinner, Not a bit. I may not have grown, what are being dubbed, Lockdown Love Handles but no weight has been shed here.

My scales and eyes tell me that I need to lose a bit, quite a bit, but i am as fit as the proverbial butcher,s dog and, almost, as agile as a flea.( None of those in this house thank you very much.)

I am knitting through my bright and light yarns and socks are practically falling off the needles.

I have worked through some of the WIP pile, only one was frogged and that yarn has been divided into 2 cakes ready for more socks.
I am mostly using the Fleegle heel as my eyes can cope with that, double stitches and wrap and turns are a stitch too far. I do have the Fish Lips Kiss heel pattern but really cannot be bothered.

Some of these socks have been for small people, Jess,s girls are in love with "Pam Socks", at 20 odd grams a pair I can churn them out. I do use a heel flap and gusset for them, I can manage to pick up 12 slipped stitches on each side as long as I mark the first one with a lightbulb marker.

Likewise with sewing, I have run up a few pairs of long trousers for them, elastic waist, no zips or button holes, I am working through the larger scrap pieces. I have found a couple of free top patterns for them and they are next on the list.

Then there is the garden, we have had heatwave followed by cool wet weather with the odd downpour, rinse and repeat. It is a chore to keep the grass looking halfway decent and the weed level acceptable. I seem to spend half my time at the compost bins and a big chunk dead heading after the rain has done its best to ruin every flower.

The one shining light is the window box in the little back courtyard. It is a sea of flowers, all planted in spring last year, there has been some colour right from that May. I do feed them wth nettle tea and have added the odd sprinkle of fish, blood and bone. This Autumn I have to take them out an replant as they have really outgrown the space.

The dogs are sprawled out over both sofas, snoring one against the other so I grabbed the chance to get a post up. This mornings rain has abated and it is quite clear but not remotely sunny, so my next move will be to get them outside to play whilst I pick vegetables for dinner. The early potatoes are in buckets and once I empty one the compost gets a handful of F,B & Bone, a little fresh compost and goes back into the bucket. Each one then gets 6 leeks planted and is put back into its space. I will not be hacking at frozen ground to make leek and potato soup in the winter.

I hope that you are all well and safe, I am erring on the side of caution and still using my weekly Asda slot. They may not stock every thing that I would like but I have become adept at making the best of what I can get.
I am not sure that I will be changing back when I feel that it is safe to do so. I quite like having somebody pick and pack my shopping, it is just a shame that I have to stack it away myself.

Stay safe and make the best of every day.

                TTFN                                           Pam


  1. Sorry about Michael's cut thumb - ouch.

    Good that you can still knit, despite possibly needing new specs - I don't blame you steering clear of the optician's for the moment though.

    Good to hear that your garden is providing veg and pretty flowers. We have had rhubarb, raspberries and fresh peas so far this week.

  2. Hello Pam.....I am back!! Whose I you may very well say? well me.....Amanda from Crafty in the Med I have been gone from blogging since last September. I am contacting all my 200 odd followers to renew my blog contact and to let you know I have a fresh start Giveaway up and running and to invite you to participate if you wish :-). Talking about eyes...coincidentally after having my eyes tested in Feb which meant new glasses and having made the appointment with the optician who gave me a date in March. That of course later coincided with the Lockdown here in Spain so my appointment was cancelled. Hence I have been squinting over the last 4 months...good job we had to stay at home I suppose. Nettle tea...I will take note of that my Mum always said to throw used tea leaves on the plants. Would love to see a photo of your window box. Stay safe! Amanda :-)

  3. It lovely to have you back, I was wondering where you were. I also like having my groceries delivered. Last week I had to go out, so I went shopping myself, but it was an absolute nightmare.I couldn't believe how busy the shops were. I tried to do a quick shop and dash, but I had a rather long list, and it was quite tedious to try to avoid other shoppers(groups, apparently whole families feeling the need to make it a group activity) and shop employees stocking shelves while they are having a good time chatting to each other. I won't repeat that in a hurry.I would also rather make do with whatever I can get delivered. It is winter here in South Africa and I would much rather hurry through my chores to sit in a spot of sunshine with some wool and needles.

  4. It's lovely to see you posting again Pam. Hope things are well with your and your loved ones.

  5. I feel the same Pam, I have a Tesco delivery and will for as long as I can.


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