Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Still hot

After a wet day yesterday the sun is out in full force, contrary to the weather forecast.

I had another hectic day yesterday, a close friend is undergoing a series of tests at the hospital. Some of these mean a full day there. She has 2 Bichons who do not take kindly to being left so they come to me. Herbie loves them but yesterday was the first time that Revi and Poppy had met them.

The look on their faces as 2 excited balls of white fluff flew into the house was a picture. Bichons are not intimididated by size and they leapt upon Revi and gave her a good going over. Poppy was next and she took it in good grace, Herbie took the opportunity to grab the space on the sofa that he favours, but he was soon evicted.

This is the overcrowded window box that was planted up in the spring last year and overwintered in flower.
Once September arrives I will be moving all these to separate pots and filling the box with something not decided upon yet.

I have ordered the Cambridge Favourite strawberry plants along with 3 new Blueberry bushes. The strawberries will be going into planters to be built by Michael, he will find that out when he reads this later. Only kidding, we have talked it over.

The blueberries will join my existing plants at the font of the house, the soil there is quite acid, if it were a bit wetter I would try cranberries as well.

I just have to find a new site for the rhubarb, it needs splitting up and will have to be moved as it is in the way of the new tunnel. This year it has been reluctant to perform and I have only pulled it twice, possibly as last year I struggled to keep up with its rampant growth.

I have taken the mangetout plants out after 3 weeks or so of daily picking. They had finally run out of steam, there are a few plants that I put in a large pot to grow for seed and they are doing  very well.
I will be growing a podding pea next year as well, probably Hurst Green Shaft a reliable and tasty variety that I have grown many times. They are one of the podding peas that do  not go stringy when young, that means that they can be used as sugar snaps if you wish to.
I may also try some really tall peas if I can find the space. Growing more than one variety will mean that saving seed will not work. Cross pollination could throw all sorts of  shapes and flavours out.

Now I need to get off my btm and get back to the task in hand, sorting out my knitting patterns. From the jumbled state they are into 4 folders kindly given to me a while ago.

Keep safe.

                         TTFN                                            Pam


  1. My rhubarb isn't growing that well this year either. One plant was moved so I am not harvesting from that one.

    God bless.

  2. Hey Pam! Haven't talked to you in a while. It's hard to believe all those plants are in a window box. It is so hot and dry here, I am afraid all the plants are going to die. A watering hose just doesn't do as good as a good rain shower.

  3. Hi! I’m new here, just found your blog, my absolute dream is to move to the West Coast of Wales, Aberaeron, Llanon, New Quay, Lampeter - somewhere in Cardigan. Reading blogs where people have done this fills me with hope that one day I’ll do it!


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