Friday 10 July 2020

busy busy and chill

It has been a lovely day, the day started with the odd glimmer of sun and a few crums of blue sky peeping shyly through the clouds. Then with an almost audible whoosh the sun came out, banished the grey and announced that it really was still summer.

I had the dogs out for their walk and relished the heat even if I was squelching along, mud and viscous fluid ozzing through the grasses underfoot.

Herbie seems to delight in stomping and bouncing in the surface water while Poppy picks her way daintily along. The ever mad Revi bounds along like a Springbok raising sprays of dirty water in her wake.

2 loads of laundry done and pegged out and a cursory whizz round the house and I settled down for some gentle  sewing. 
I have been through the scrap bins over the past few days and assembled a fair pile of 41/2" squares. These were sewn into pairs, pressed and then laid out on my bed. No fussing, just making sure that no identical patterns touched, I have 3 rows sewn, pressed and clipped together ready for stitching together in the morning. I will work through the rest 3 rows at a time. 
This project will be a gift for someone special and I have wadding and backing fabric ready. Much as I would love to make one of my quilt patterns up I am restricted to what I can see to do clearly.

I need, and want, to spend a large chunk of time in the garden. The forecast is okay for the weekend so it will be bottom up and head down. I have plants that need tying in, dead heading and millions of strawberry runners to chop off. My plants have reached the end of their lives and I will be planting a new bed of bought plants this autumn. Cambridge Favourite is top of my list, they are a reliable mid season variety. They have a wonderful aroma, are sweet to eat right off the plant and make really lovely jam.

I am planning on putting a grow tunnel in the garden, probably  an insect mesh wonderwall with some heavy duty polythene over one area for tomato and cucumber plants.

Have you spotted that Amanda, Crafty in the Med is back with us. She has a giveaway running till the end of the month to celebrate her return and fresh start. I know how fast the time slips away, a couple of days soon morphs into weeks and months. It is lovely to see her back.

Now I think that it is time for bed, Herbie will be up and raring to go by 7 at the latest and I need tea before I face the big outdoors.

Keep safe.

                             TTFN                               Pam


  1. I hope the weather cooperates as I have some weeding to do! It has been too hot but I think it will be a little bit better at the beginning of the week. Sounds like your quilt will be done quickly! I am hand quilting a quilt that I am remaking for my daughter and I have to get back to that soon too. I blame that on the heat too! Thanks for posting!

  2. Ditto regarding the strawberries. Mine were very old and didn't crop well this year.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Lovely to hear from you again glad you are keeping O.K. and the dogs are enjoying their walks lol.Good luck with the quilt I must get on with mine am doing ahalf E.P.P on a yellowy coloured 12" square block only 20 more paper pieced ones to go xx


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