Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day trip to Llanelli.

Having been to Swansea and had a good look round I thought that Llanelli deserved a visit also. Gold, pure gold, there is a really well laid out retail park with a huge amount of parking space, all the shops are set round a square so there is no great distance to walk at all.
I found a huge Asda Living and had a quick look in but kept my purse firmly shut. I went to B H S thinking that a cuppa would be nice, first of all I needed to make room for it....... The Ladies loo was smelly and although not obviously dirty was run down and dingy. There was no sound of air filtration and quite frankly I beat a hasty retreat and went to Tesco instead, once I had seen the loo I went right off the thought of tea.

I did take my camera but that experience put it out of my head. I popped into B&Q to have a look at the Barbecue range which was limited and overpriced. I did however find a pretty pot ready planted for £6, more than I wanted to pay but it was less than half price, and looks good on the front step.

Then Lakeland heaven, I wanted more waxed circles and the cellophane discs and spotted their Marmalade concentrate on offer so picked up a thick cut and a lemon.

I went into TK Maxx, which is a glorified jumble sale in my mind but I found a really heavy omelette pan which will go under the grill for £9. Bargain.

I made a few white rolls before going out, I forgot to brush the excess flour off so there are a few brown spots, doesn't affect the taste at all.

On the way home I stopped off in Ponty and went into Lidl on a very specific hunt, and here is my quarry.

£1.62 per Kilo, big chunks, thick chops, thinner misshapes, all good bacon. I have missed these as there is not a Mr S near me, well none that I have found.

Shortly before I moved my printer went belly up and refused to work, it divorced itself from the lap top and went into hibernation. It may have died.

In Swansea the other day I was in Staples having a nosey round and saw the HP 7520, it was on a very good bundle deal and I got lots of extras with it, top notch paper, premium plus photopaper and inks. I saved almost £100 and have been playing this afternoon.

I printed off some of the pictures from Junior,s birthday celebrations and will be looking for  frames in the CS next time I am out and about.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Sunshine all day.

2. A successful trip out.

3. My front step looks so much better for a splash of colour.

4. Ben is as happy as Larry.

5. Fran will be coming for a visit in a few weeks time.

I have had results back for Ben, it appears that he has a condition that causes extra skin cells to grow that are quite scaly. This could be the result of a long time healed infection or an allergy, it could also have no reason at all. I have a new shampoo that helps to break down the extra cells and a spray to keep the skin supple. The vet wants to try these topical treatments first as very often that is all that is needed. If he does not respond fully then they will use a 6 week antibiotic course, and will do skin swabs at regular intervals to monitor his progress.

He is happier and I am happier, we played with a ball that was lurking under the hedge in the back garden yesterday and today I bought him a new one. Of course he has not even looked at it. Not even when I squeaked it.

It is still very hot here, I was going to spend an hour or so in the back garden digging out an overgrown bed but that can wait until tomorrow morning when it will be cooler.

Saturday we are going to Newquay to look at more caravans, I will attempt to remember both to take and use my camera.

Now I think a cuppa is in order.

                TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Plenty of days out explolring while the weather is good sounds just what the doctor ordered, I cant wait to be there seeing it all myself but will remember to avoid the loos in BHS.
    Not seen much hook work off you since you moved, I hope you havent misplaced it.

    1. The scenery is wonderful and everywhere that I want to go is around 30 minutes away. I will set off for Cardiff at some point, that is further but I will make a day of it. I am busy sewing Granny Squares together, I am sure that I will need to make more but it is relaxing in the evenings. I have a stack of fabric to make into bags, that will be postponed till next week.

  2. This may be of interest if you have visitors, yet want to keep them at arms length, plus a bit more! ;-)

    1. Thank you for the heads up, it looks lovely. At the moment my reason for keeping potential visitors away is the fact that I have a mountain of boxes to unpack and contents to find a home for.

  3. Pity we don't have a Lidl close enough to visit as I'm on the look out for value bacon packs. I used to buy Morrisons savers bacon packs. At just 87p for 500g they'd often contained full rashers or thick chops, but recently these packs have changed and are now all small chopped up bits. That wouldn't be so bad as I tend to mostly use bacon in sausage casserole and roly poly so it needs to be diced, but a lot of the pieces are just lumps of fat. I buy FarmFoods packs at 3 x 16 rashers for £6 (£2 a pack) but as they are frozen I have to defrost a whole pack even if I only need a few rashers and, of course, I can't re-freeze them raw. I'm glad Ben is feeling happier and hope his treatments work. My eczema has improved incredibly in just a couple of weeks since I started taking a menopause vitamin supplement plus cod liver oil and evening primrose oil regularly. I rarely use any external creams now. I'm not sure whether you could give anything like evening primrose to a dog.

  4. I supplement Ben's food with an oil specifically for dogs skin condition and it does help to keep his coat in good order. It does not help the issue of too many skin cells being produced, the vet is hoping that the topical treatment will keep it under control with perhaps an occasional course of antibiotics if it becomes infected. It is very much a case of "suck it and see". My fingers are crossed.

  5. What do you use "wax circles and cellophane discs" for? I think we must call them something else but I can't think what.
    Your new flower pot looks bright and welcoming by your door.

    1. The waxed disc goes onto the hot jam or jelly and the wax melts, forming a seal then the cellophane goes over the neck of the jar and is held in place with an elastic band. I use this method for preserves that I know will be eaten fast, otherwise I use a sterilised metal lid.


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