Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sunshine and sewing

I should have gone to look at caravans today but the visit was postponed to next week.
As the sun was pouring into the house very early I hit the ground running at stupid o'clock. Ben was only too happy to go early and walk a bit further than usual. He was not alone, we tagged along with several other dogs and owners, great fun was had by all.
I made 2 bags and cut out several more, got the washing done and hung out. Whizzed round the house and did all the annoying little chores. I took an executive decision to ignore the ironing, it will be done tomorrow along with today,s.

There is a full length pocket on one side to take a bottle or a French Loaf.

The other side is plain.

On the inside there is a pocket each side. These are fully reversible, I am not sure yet if the rest will be.

This is a front panel for another bag, I have 6 of these, they were curtains at one time.

Ben had another walk at around 3.30, I had hoped that it would be cooler but not at all. Once again we struck lucky and there were more dogs to play with.

I have not abandoned my crochet, I am steadily sewing the red bordered Granny Squares together.

This is just a section and the colours are vibrant, I am really happy with it.

I have no idea what Ben has found so fascinating, I had a look and could see nothing.

These little flowers are weeds but they are so bold a splash of colour that they are sure of a place in my garden. This is one of the sets of steps into the garden, I leave the ferns as they do not grow much bigger than this.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Sunshine by the bucket full.

2.  A productive and happy day.

3.  Ben had so much fun with his pals.

4.  I am off to The Rhonda one day next week with some of my new friends.

5.  My neighbour has given me 2 large Hostas, they are in pots but need planting out.

I have had another good day, much as I love the greenness of Wales I am enjoying the sun, I am having to water what few flowers that there are, I want them to flourish.

My Horn Cabinet will be here next Tuesday afternoon, I am excited, I have to decide where I want it to stand and get the room ready. A job for Monday I think.

On that note I feel that it is time to put the kettle on.

                TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. Replies
    1. I agree with you, and so does Ben, mind you he does have a perfectly soppy look and a very snooty one that he uses to his advantage.

  2. My you have been busy haven't you, I love it when the pooches find someone good to play with and especially when it tires them out! x

    1. Just like me Ben is building up a circle of new friend and acquaintances. He sees so many more dogs here then in Tydd. There are many more houses here and the field that we visit is pretty central. He is sleeping more in the evening, after a game of ball in the garden, and he is eating more as well.

  3. I love your bags, Pam. I must make a few more with all the bits and pieces I have. Your bright crochet blanket is lovely too. I'm also still crocheting. I made 12 large squares, joined them together and I'm now working a border around it to make a lap throw. It's intended as a birthday pressie for my mother in law (birthday on Xmas eve) who is in a nursing home in Bridgend. I didn't sew my squares together I crocheted them using a method I found in a magazine. You simply pick up a back loop from each square so you have 2 loops on your hook, wrap wool over the hook and pull through both loops, then repeat all the way along the seam. It makes a slight ridge on the wrong side but a very neat seam on the right side and I found it much easier and faster than sewing them together.

  4. I have used this method but a long time ago, I must give it a try again. I like making bags and there is always someone due a present and wrapping paper is a waste of money, if you use a bag for wrapping they get a double pressy. I have sold quite a few in the past, I may put my toe in the water here and see if there is a market.

  5. I like your bags. Do you use them yourself, or are they made as gifts? I love the bright colors in your afghan. Very cheery.

  6. I do use my bags, I make them for gifts and I sell quite a few. They are a good way of packing a present and making a simple gift a bit special, I often pop something extra into one of the pockets.


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