Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Indeed it is here but I managed to curb my impatience  and do something constructive whilst I was waiting.

I took myself and my granny squares out into the garden, and a book and some squash and settled down to some gentle sewing.
The bare patch behind my chair is thanks to Ben, he had a mad 5 minutes and tried to plough the garden.
My delivery time frame was between 2 and 5 so at 1:30 I went in and had a little lunch and then parked my chair in the front garden. Then I parked my btm into the chair, had a little read and started sewing again. A few passers by stopped to comment and compliment my colour choices and the day ticked away steadily.
At 4:00 it arrived and was soon assembled.

It took longer to wrangle it into the house than it did to put together.
I will be trying it out tomorrow, I still have to put it in the right place and set the machine up again.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  More sunshine.

2.  A lovely day spent crafting in the fresh air.

3.  New people to chat with, however briefly.

4.  Ben met some new dogs on our early evening walk, lots of tail wagging and " getting to know you sniffling"  

5.  A delicious dinner at very little cost.

I had a rustle through the fridge and decided to try a recipe that I have had in mind for ages. Car-Brie-Nara fromA Girl Called Jack. It was very very good, I will add mushrooms next time just to change it slightly, or maybe some frozen peas.

One of the packs of cooking bacon from Lidl had a slice of Gammon 4" thick, a small joint really, that will go in the slow cooker tomorrow and I will have it for dinner with Pembrokeshire new potatoes and corn on the cob.

If the promised rain holds off I will go into Ammanford in the morning for a dedicated CS trawl.

Hopefully Blogger will be back to normal soon, it is a nuisance.

I just have time for a brew before Ben goes out for his last walk of the day.

          TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Oh Pam I love that cabinet. I had one for my 11000 but sold it when we moved back south, it was too big for my sewing room.


    1. My dining room is huge, there is plenty of room for my table and chairs and my cabinet. I also have the treadle in there and 2 more machines and my old black singer in it.s table. I do still have my fabric bolts in rolling plastic bins under the bed but they are earmarked for the future.

  2. Green with envy over your lovely work station. I gave the desk I had for my sewing machine to my son when he moved back in, so its back to the dining table for now. I'll have to set up a savings fund to buy myself one like yours, although I'm not sure where I'd put it as half my lounge/diner is already given over to my crafting stash.

    1. I am lucky that my dining room is huge, there is loads of room, I am thinking of 2 banquet tables from Ikea for basting quilts.

  3. That's a great table for quilting. I have a basic one and have to arrange something on my left when doing big quilts. (Same sewing m/c too!) xx

    1. Before i had this I used to rig 2 tables and the ironing board for quilts, it was ok but this is so much better.

  4. HI Pam, was thinking, if Ben dug that in 5 minutes maybe you could hire him out as a doggy rotivator?!

    1. If I did that he would probably roll over and refuse to work. He is usually well behaved in the garden, he finds a spot and lies down or brings his ball to be thrown over and over again.


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