Wednesday, 25 June 2014

All is Ticketty Boo

It is good to see Blogger back on track, makes keeping up with post reading so much easier.
I am on the sofa, feet up, tea to hand an no intention of moving for at least 30 minutes. I walked Ben for 1 1/2 hours this morning, then went off to Ammanford and walked round for 2 hours. Came home had 2 cups of tea, all this walking is thirsty work, and took Ben out for a quick 30 minutes. I put a load of washing on before we went and hung that out when we got back. Then I was scurrying round doing lots of little jobs before having dinner. Once dinner was eaten Ben demanded another walk, I made him wait while I made and drunk tea. Off we went, sun still shining and were gone for over an hour, we met up with another dog and owner and walked together.

My feet ache, my hip is throbbing and the washing up and ironing still have to be dealt with.

I did get some photos and found a new footpath to explore, tomorrow if my feet are up to it.

There are drifts of Ox Eye Daisy everywhere.

And clumps of garden plants where waste material has rooted or off shoots have been planted perhaps.

The air is scented by Dog Roses, lots of rose hips for jelly.

Some of the biggest Columbine flowers that I have seen, about 4 inches across.

I took a new road this evening  and found this little stream trickling gently through the undergrowth.

Nearby I spotted this gate leading to an as yet undiscovered footpath, I just had to go through it, and Ben was equally  as keen to explore.

It curled around and I got another glimpse of the stream.

This little path curves away from the main one, I will be walking here soon, very soon. 

The day has been very fruitful,

Besides the potential supply of Rose Hips I managed to discover a long run of mature Hazel hedge, dripping with immature nuts, fingers crossed that I manage to gather some before the squirrels get them all.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Nature in all her glory all around me.

2.  The almost constant background noise of water splashing its way down to the valley bottom.

3.  A supply of fruits free for the picking later in the year.

4. Exciting new paths to discover, seemingly around every corner.

5.  New people to chat to and new dogs for Ben to  play with almost daily.

It is now 9:15 and I must get my chores done before I can so much as touch a needle.

Before I go, I have just read Stephen Kings latest book, the first one for several years. It was good, well plotted and had good strong characters but, there had to be a but, I found it very predictable. I picked up a Simon Kernick in Ammanford today, I hope that is better, I have not read him for about 4 years either.

           TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. You have such lovely new places to walk and explore. Nice to discover sources for free fruit, and especially nuts. I haven't seen hazelnuts growing wild for years, since I picked them in the woods on my grandpa's farm.

    1. I just hope that I do get to pick some, I have seen a few grey squirrels here but nowhere near as many as I did in Lincolnshire.

  2. Every year we watch the walnuts form and enlarge on a neighbour's massive tree - and every year we see the squirrels come a steal them all! Yesterday we found a walnut sprouting in our garden; obviously one they'd buried and forgotten.

    Nice photos...

    1. We had walnuts in Tydd but the rooks used to get most of them.

  3. I'm just reading Stephen King too, the follow up to The Shining. It's a few years since I've read any King, but I'm enjoying it so far! Lovely walks, thanks for sharing xx hope your hip feels better soon

    1. The one I was reading is Mr Mercedes, I have seen the other one but did not buy it, maybe i should now that it is out in paperback.

  4. I love exploring with the pooches, new pathways and new scents for them to explore. They always come back twice as tired when we've been somewhere new, it never lasts for long though lol x

    1. I still have not done it, my hip is stiff so I am being careful.


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