Friday, 27 June 2014

O M G Just look at the time

I have hardly stopped all day, nothing exciting just the same old, same old. Walking Ben, washing, hanging out, getting in, ironing Blah Blah.

Then this afternoon I decided to have a play with the machine, now that it is encased in it,s new housing.

When I went to Australia the first time I made my S I L a set of 8 table mats using a novelty block that I found on line somewhere.
I have been doodling trying to recreate it, the results are here.

All cut and part sewn together.

The last sections.

Close but the ones that I made were not so elongated, I will not waste these but will have another try tomorrow.

I did make 4 strips but managed to cut the fourth in the wrong place so it has gone in the scrap bag. This will be a cat bed once I have bound it. I will take it down to Maggie once finished, she has 4 cats and they will just about fit on here.

It is a bit strange sewing at the moment, with the side table up I seem to be forever banging my elbow but I will soon get used to it. It certainly is lovely sewing with all that flat space, there is plenty of room for my biggest cutting mat as well. I could in theory have a small ironing station there as well but have my board set up away so that I have to get up and move a bit. I don't want to take root.

The even feed system is so smooth, I am going to try quilting some Minky soon, my other machines would not have it at any price. It is perfect for baby quilts, so soft and snuggly.

I did not do a long walk today, I overdid it yesterday, but tomorrow I really want to explore the new found footpath.

Any how I am cutting this short as I have just noticed that it is tomorrow already.

                   TTFN                                                          Pam


  1. I have made an ironing pad that I use at the side of my machine, its ideal for for when I am doing blocks and need to press the seams. I also have my big cutting mat set up on the side.

  2. I did think about a pad and have at times put the big board close enough that I do not have to move. Just now my hip is a bit creaky so I need to get up and move a bit. This is better than any toy I have had in the past.

  3. Yep that left side is just a bit too close. Otherwise I love my cabinet and I have it covered in mats. I keep the ironing pad just underneath so I can whip it out if need be. I keep all my tools that I am using for the project, on the right flap and everything is just so perfectly to hand.

  4. I want to find some inserts for the drawers, rather than have everything rolling around loose, I plan on a trip round the web to see what is there. Then of course I can look in all the kitchen shops for drawer dividers.

    1. I bought some small plastic baskets from the hardware shop for mine and they are really useful and very cheap.

  5. Thanks Jenny, I did intend to look around while I was in Cardigan but forgot to measure the drawers. It is on my "to do" list for the next time I am just ambling round the shops. It is a shame that Horn do not do them.


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