Monday, 23 June 2014

A good day for sewing

My bags from a pair of CS curtains are made and packed away and I am toying with an idea for some cushions. I made a set of place mats several years ago and am going to try to make it from memory. Watch this space.

Four in a row, the rest of the fabric will go into my stash, I do not want too many repeats.
I had planned to go to Swansea tomorrow but as my Horn Cabinet is coming I have put it of for a while. I may slip into Ammanford and have a quick whizz round the CS,s there are 8 I believe. It is only around 6 miles so is not a long journey.

Today has been very hot again but heavy, almost on the verge of an electrical storm at one point.

It was so hot that when Ben and I were sitting outside in the shade a cat strolled past, it stopped and gave us a once over and then strolled on, Ben did not so much as twitch, he raised his head an inch and sighed and went back down. He does not hate cats but if anything runs he gives chase and I would hate for him to catch anything.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  A 2 hour walk in the cool of the morning.

2. A little while in the glorious sun shine.

3.  Tea in a china cup, drunk in the shade.

4. A visit to friends on the way back from our walk, with coffee.

5.  A tasty stir fry for dinner, packed with as much veg as I could get in the wok, spiced up with my chili plum sauce.

The weather is supposed to break soon, I do not mind. I have lots to keep me busy if it pours.

A short post as I am off to pull fabrics from the stash for my new idea.

          TTFN                                               Pam


  1. I hope you are as delighted with your Horn as I am with mine, if you have the space keep the packing it comes in so you can wrap it up again when you do your final move, its a big box.

    1. I have earmarked a space for it right next to the sewing machine boxes.

  2. So exciting your horn cabinet is coming I just love the flat bed setting for my machine, enjoy

    1. I am on tenter hooks, the space is cleared and I even vacuumed the carpet.

  3. I'm having the same problem with blogger

    1. It seems to be widespread, hope it goes away soon.


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