Friday, 27 June 2014

Walking in Sunshine Oh Yeah

I have managed 2 reasonable walks today and Ben is a happy boy. We went along the old railway line down towards the village and did not see another soul until we went back into the village.
The bees were out in full force and there were birds aplenty.  I did remember my camera and took a few pics.

Wild Foxgloves abound

Ben was off and running, as you can see the sleepers and tracks have been lifted. The surface is rather awkward to walk on and I have to be careful. It does not seem to bother Ben at all.

More Foxgloves.

Here and there wild flowers are colonising.


This tangle of white and purple clover interspersed with a little yellow flower and some Birds Foot Trefoil was almost 5 feet across.

I made a point of sitting down in front of the TV at 8 last night to watch "This old thing" as I had read about it on a blog in the morning. I was rather disappointed. The only set of clothes that I thought worked were the last, the girl who had her Grandmothers dress and the leather skirt. Most of the garments were very expensive and I would never go into shops of that ilk. Far better to rummage round the CS or have a look at Vintage Vixen's shop. I will watch next week just to see if I like it any better.

I am off to stay in Cardigan for the weekend, there will be a barbecue at Jame,s and Sian will hopefully make her wonderful rainbow coleslaw. I can have a dip in the multitude of CS,s and maybe find some Vintage treasures of my own.

Reasons to be grateful

1.  Another glorious day.

2.  Rain yesterday to freshen everywhere up.

3.  All housework up to date.

4.  3 books waiting to be read.

5.  A gift of fresh pulled rhubarb.

I have the rumblies in the tumblies as Pooh would say, I will not head for the honey jar. I have some Pembrokeshire new potatoes, corn on the cob and some spiced chicken wings, oh yum.

I have got to get on with hand sewing the binding down on the cat bed, I want to finish that tonight and hopefully sew 1 more row of  granny squares onto the blanket. Busy busy, just the way I like it.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

                 TTFN                                         Pam


  1. You really sound like your enjoying every second, I'm so pleased for you x

    1. I most certainly am, I have been looking forward to this for 5 years and do not intend to waste a minute.

  2. Pretty flowers, especially the foxgloves. You have such nice paths to walk.

    1. The wild flowers are so pretty, I have been filling a vase with some and adding a few grasses and sprays of leaves, they last for several days and are free. The purple clover scents the whole house and looks wonderful with the ox eye daisies. There are still lots of walks as yet untrodden, I will get to them.

  3. Hi Pam we have just come back from Wales it was stunning, I have just posted some pics on my blog, there were foxgloves everywhere, this is top of the list for our forever home, x

  4. I have been to look at your photos I love both North and South so settled more or less in the middle. I chose to be nearer Swansea as the shops are brilliant, and so easy to get to.

  5. I bet Ben loves his walks. It's nice to have such places close to home, especially when there's dogs to be walked. Hope you managed to find some bargains in the charity shops.

    1. I found a lovely sheer blouse for £2.99 it will look good over a camisole and a chunky walking stick that is exactly the right height for £3. Oh and I nearly forgot my new piece if Old Country Roses, I will put it in my blog later.

  6. Hello pam , I have just read your message on frugal queens blog , I cant believe we wre in cardigan on Thursday it was a long drive for Dave there and back from Borth where we wre staying we nearly almost met up lol , there are some beautiful small cottages in wales , i would love to live there, you are lucky x

    1. I have been planning this move for 5 years or so, it had to wait until I retired as I had no intentions of working once I moved. Now that I am settled I am thinking that I will need to find something to occupy myself during the winter. I am considering making bags, cushions, aprons and so on to sell in the summer, there is an indoor market in Ammanford where you can rent stalls, there are also craft fairs around. It is only a thought, I may find that once winter arrives I will still be out and about visiting and being visited by my new friends.


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