Friday, 6 June 2014

Post Op Ben and a view from A Mountain.

Ben is home from his visit to the vet, he has a lampshade collar and lots of little bare patches with stitches to itch.

Full on "poor me" look.

This is one of the areas of skin that regularly flared up.

This area has never had any problems and will be used for comparison.

His second lot of blood tests show no problems with Thyroid, Liver or Kidneys, that is a big relief. The results from the biopsies will be back by Friday at the latest, I just hope that they show exactly what the problem is.

Last Sunday Ben had a quick trip up the mountain where the wind farm is, it was a grey morning that brightened up later on.

The sign shows where all the villages are across the Amman Valley.

As you can see the day was very grey.

The white splotches are sheeps wool that has been shed. I picked up a small bag of this and am going to try to clean it this weekend. If it is successful I will be back to collect as much as I can find. I quite fancy a cushion stuffed with wool and the equipment needed to prepare and spin it is easily available.

The abandoned rail track is one of Ben's favourite walks now this direction has most of the sleepers in place and leads towards Pontardawe. The opposite way has had many sleepers and rails removed and goes right to Ammanford, it is harder walking though Ben does not mind at all.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Another sunny day.

2. Ben is fine after his procedure.

3. I am slowly getting the house to some semblance of a home.

4. My new machine is here.

5. I have got my craft books onto shelves and quite a bit of the fabric stash is shelved as well.

I have not unpacked the machine, Ben has been at the front of my mind and I could not settle to anything before I got him home. Now he has had his dinner and 2 walks and is on the sofa beside me getting some zzzzzzzz ,s in and I do not want to disturb him. And as a famous lady of fiction said     "tomorrow is another day" stupid girl, she should have grabbed Rhett and never let go.

       TTFN                                                             Pam


  1. Poor Ben give him a hug from me. Our Womble is in the middle of a flare up and they can't find out why so I can't wait to see what your vet comes back with.

    It sounds like your settling in well x

    1. The shampoo that I am using is made by Virbac and is called Epi-soothe and has worked wonders bathing him every 3 days, on his really sore patches I have used a dilution of hibiscrub 1 part to 5 parts water and just washed twice daily. I also used Fuciderm gel on these areas once they had dried. I did clip the hair as short as I could to make it easier, I used my little embroidery scissors. i will keep you posted.

  2. Poor Ben. Those cone things have to be so annoying. I hope he heals fast.
    How fun to explore your new home, and you have found some lovely areas. I hope to visit Wales this fall.

    1. He is bearing up well, he even ate his chicken without protest ;-) We are having great fun, it hammered down with rain all night and we had a fantastic electrical storm at 5.00, the sun is shining now which is good as there is a festival in Pontardawe this afternoon.

  3. Poor Ben. The Cone of Shame is never fun! Just let him know that my Collie sends his regards and to tell him that he had to have an extra large Cone of Shame due to his snout length!

    1. Funnily enough he does not seem to mind the cone, he does not like the clicking sound when it locks and unlocks though. I take it off when we go for walks to spare him the embarrassment and to stop him wrecking it whilst sniffing through fences and bushes.

  4. Poor Ben, Hope his skin settles down soon.
    Glad you have settled in to your cottage


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