Monday, 16 June 2014

The Wizard was having an off day.

I sallied forth to Poppit Sands and spent a couple of hours looking at vans "and so on". 
I arrived on time and had to wait while someone was found to man the reception desk. Then I sat for 20 minutes going through a list of "f a q", most of which I had gone through on the telephone previously.
Then I was shown round the site, even though I had said, more than once, that I had stayed there.
Once I had walked to the end of the site my guide said that we had to go back to reception to fetch the Keys!!!, I dared not ask why they were not in her hand/pocket/bag already, so back we went.

I had specified 2 bedrooms, central heating and double glazing. I saw 1 with 2 bedrooms, 3 with double glazing and 3 bedrooms, 1 with 2 beds,double glazing and heating that was just about big enough for a Hobbit and 3 brand spanking new ones that were delicious but that I would not want to let out. That is all supposing that I had nearly £50,000 to spend.

But all is not lost, I plan on going further afield to look at more and there was one possibility on the site, it has got 3 bedrooms but was very nearly perfect. There was room for a fridge freezer which no other had, apart from the new ones.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Sunshine all day.

2. I found a possible van.

3.  Ben enjoyed all the attention that there was going.

4. The journey home was not too bad, considering roadworks on the A40.

5. Ben's stitches are out, with no problems.

Tomorrow I will get the results of Ben's skin tests, they were in this afternoon but I was too late back to phone the vet. 

I have had a look on Gumtree but the only van that I fancied would not be free till October, I am not that patient.

I have bookmarked a few from various sites and will go through them tomorrow at leisure, then any shortlisted I will arrange to view Saturday.
I have to take Ben out and then will be settling down with crochet and tea and maybe some telly.

I have been in several shops looking for jam pot covers, can not find any at all. I am just being lazy as my box of lids is right at the back of the understairs cupboard, AKA the cwtch. I will end up pulling every blasted box out to find them. I did have sense to put the jars at the front.

Another blot on my viewing was that it was ferociously hot and we went to and fro across the site for some time, I did not have the offer of so much as a glass of water. So right at the end when she wanted to sit and discuss things I asked for a coffee. I got 1/2 a small cup and no saucer, never mind a biscuit.

          TTFN                                            Pam


  1. How are you coping with the loss of your East Anglia set of friends and neighbours, bearing in mind they were threaded throughout your posts?

    1. Luckily most of them can be contacted via skype and they are all on the phone. I am also gathering new friends and meeting my neighbours almost daily. I will thread in my new found friends, as long as they agree.

  2. Sounds like you are having a fab time in your new home. goodl uck with thee caravan viewing hope your next experience is a bit more hospitable, Would love to see some photos.

    1. I am off cravan hunting on Saturday and will try to take the camera, and remember to use it.

  3. How lovely to be looking for a holiday home, I'd love my own place to go to but funds won't allow at the moment. Glad you've got a possible there on the list, something to fall back on if you don't see anything else.

    1. I will rent this out as well as use it myself, once I find one. I have done my research and should be able to cover all the running costs and make enough to tuck away for a replacement a few years down the road.


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