Friday 20 December 2013

A Sad Goodbye, A New Era.

On Tuesday I had a phone call to say that Francesca's grandfather had deteriorated badly overnight and I needed to get to see him ASAP. I rang Fran at work and she got underway as quickly as she could, I threw some things into a bag and set off myself. My journey was easy and quite fast, I arrived and had a couple of hours before he slipped away. Fran was caught up in London traffic and arrived about 3 hours later.
I left my laptop at home and forgot my phone charger so I have been completely unable to access the internet. I am home overnight and will be returning in the morning. My lovely neighbours are keeping an eye on my home, watering the plants and so on.
I will be staying "up North" over Christmas and until after the funeral, Jeannie has become a very close friend over the last few years and I will be there for her as long as she wants.
This is the beginning of a new way of life for her, She and Peter were together for over 30 years, it may have been second time round for them both but it was never second best. They were sweethearts to the end. I have lost a dear friend and Fran has lost her beloved Granddad.

It would have been my son's birthday on Wednesday and for the first time it went by without it registering until I went to bed. We have and will be really busy so communications will be as and when.

Have a very good Christmas, get plenty of rest and remember She who cook's NEVER washes up!

                                      TTFN                              Pam


  1. I had been thinking about you and hoping all was well as you had not posted for a while. So sorry to hear your sad news, I'm sure you will be a comfort to Jeannie. Take care, Vee x

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your's and Fran's sad loss. I can't imagine how hard it will be for Jeannie after all that time together. My DH and I will have been married 30 years and together 35 years in 2014 and I hate to think what life would be like without him. My thoughts will be with you during this sad time. Love, Helen x

  3. I echo veeknits words as I'm sure you'll be a great comfort to Jeannie, especially at this time of the year. Just remember to take care of yourself whilst you're taking care of others. Sx

  4. Sad news always seems worse at festive times, doesn't it? I'm sure you will bring comfort to your friend and Francesca, but as Sara says above - look after you. It has been a really tumultuous year, hasn't it? HAve a peaceful week and recharge your batteries. Lxx

  5. Sorry to hear your sad news Pam. Big hugs to you all. Take care xx

  6. Sending love at this sad time xxx

  7. Will be thinking of you all at this very difficult time. XXX


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