Friday 13 December 2013

I Found Nirvana, 15 Minutes Away

Welcome to Sue from East Yorkshire and Julie, lovely to have you with us.

Well I am full of that Friday Feeling, and not a chocolate bar in sight. Today is Fridge Bottom Dinner day, I empty the fridge, clean and replace all the bottles and jars, then dinner is made out of all the fresh veg and any leftovers found lurking within.
Tonight it will be a veritable feast.

All these will be chopped up, the swede, parsnips and carrots will be 1" dice, the rest about half as big again, I am not going to measure them, just trust my "eye"

I will put a glug of oil into a bowl, into that will go a double or treble glug of Balsamic Vinegar, this one is flavoured with Maple Syrup (it is the real deal from Canada), a good pinch of coarse sea salt and a doubley good grind of black pepper, also coarse. 3 cloves of galic creamed into the brew and then all the veg tossed in the mix. This will need around 35 minutes in a fairly hot oven and 5 minutes before it is ready I will stir the chestnuts in. These were a lucky find last year at a very good price and are still in date by 4 months, sad to say this is the last box, boo hoo. There will be far too much for 1 meal so some will feature stirred through some couscous  and topped with a minty dressing and maybe there will be enough to blitz into a sauce for some pasta.

Thanks to MFin3 I am the proud owner of a shiny new pressure cooker ( I used the link on her blog ) half price from up the Swanee oops wrong river, he he. I amend that to say it will be shiny when I have washed it, it was due today but a tasty man from Frank Ifield brought it late last night, at least I think he came from Frank he had Yodel written all over him.

And now to the post title.
My Indian Princess, still nameless. has gone to be tuned up. The lovely peeps at Button Up & stitch gave me a contact in Terrington St. Clements. I gave him a call yesterday and he uttered those magic words "Pam D. Come On Down" well almost, what he said was if you leave now I will still be here to see it. So off I went, Heaven is a workroom full of sewing machines in various states of repair and a garage full of even more waiting for the treatment. We talked for an hour and I saw lots of treasures, I may even be acquiring one in January, it will be a part exchange. He was quite excited to see the Indian girl, the first genuine Indian built Singer that he has come across. In the end I had to leave, he was due to go out and I had things to do, rest assured I will be going back. I would happily spend a day just looking at all the treasures, much better than pushing and shoving my way round a shopping mall.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A new found friend, at last someone to talk sewing machines with.

2. A no spend week in front, I have enough veg in the freezer for the week and I have milk tucked away in there also.

3. My wall will be finished today, woo hoo

4. My friend George, 87, had a cataract removed early last week and has had the thumbs up from the Doctors.

5. A really special meal tonight at a bargain price.

I have been watching The sublime Nigel on the TV on and off for a week and will be trying one of his dishes tonight with my roast balsamic veg.  Crackling Pork Belly, the little joint is sitting in the fridge in its spice rub soaking up all the delicious flavours. It is no where near as big a joint as he cooked but I have used the same amount of spice mix and will be adding the potatoes to this for the last 40 minutes or so. With the roast veg it will be a feast.

I am going to make a batch of his Ginger Chocolate Oat Bar as well, I want to try this out as a possible addition to my Hampers. While I am at it I may make his Black Banana Cake, I use dark chili chocolate for an extra kick, it will be sliced, wrapped and frozen as soon as it is cold. The last time I made it a 2lb loaf cake evaporated in 2 days, warm with cream ooooooooh.
PING so that's where that extra weight came from. Oops

I was going to take a leaf out of Frugal in Bucks book and try running this morning. Fortunately Unfortunately I missed my footing coming down the stairs first thing and bounced down the last 4 on my Butt, which is far too tender to consider running a bath never mind running the pavements.

Enough of the chitter chatter I have veg to chop and Tea to make and drink.

                         TTFN                                         Pam

PS if anyone has an issue with the content or language that I have used then I suggest that you need to get a life and leave me to lead mine as I see fit. Of course you could leave me a comment with some constructive ideas, I like those.


  1. Oh dear, Pam, how could anyone take offence at your language or content, how sad they must be. I love the whole positivity of your blog, thank you x x

  2. Keep on blogging, always an enjoyable read!

    As for a Singer mechanic only just touching an Indian manufactured one, I am amazed. Across the Middle East, plus sub-continent, they are the sewing shops machine of choice.

  3. Hold the wine, Pam I am on my way round for supper as I am on my own this evening! That sounds like everything I would eat very gladly!!!

    A friend of mine went to the machine chap. I will email you.

  4. Oh Pam, loving the sound of roast pork belly and also the dark choc, ginger oaty bars. Hope you've not hurt yourself too badly with that tumble. I've not started to exercise yet also ��

  5. Ha ha I did laugh. Running a bath is so much better. My legs are aching today, not good. People keep saying I will eventually love running! Humpffff not yet!
    I must look up those bars and the pork does sound fab.
    Someone told me off the other day for calling the girls in the office skinny bitches, on my own blog, my own bloody blog. Balls I say. My blog, my words. Ha. X

  6. Your tea looks scrumptious. And it sounds like you will have a busy day on Saturday. Are there any photos of your 300 year old cottage on your blog, or your town of Tydd? I would love to see both.


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