Monday 23 December 2013

This Visiting is Very Hard Work

So many laps to sit on, so many hands to pet me, all the residents to meet and greet 3 times a day is lovely but makes one of us a tired little man.



Ben is loving it, he just has to have the odd 40 winks to recharge his batteries, and so do I.

TTFN                                     Pam


  1. Oh what a sweet fur baby! So nice Been is enjoying his visit. I am sure he is spreading love and good cheer wherever he goes!
    Merry Christmas hugs!

  2. Him Outside has the same mantra " never keep your eyes open when resting if you can shut them for 40 winks!"

  3. Aww bless his little cottons he does a brilliant job.

    Peg xx

  4. Oh Ben, you have such a hard life pet! LOL

  5. Hi Pam, just catching up with all my blog mates. I have to say that Ben is totally scrumptious. I love dogs and my mum has 4 which we have been walking over the last few days. Your Ben is beautiful!


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