Tuesday 31 December 2013

The End is Nigh and not a moment too soon.

As the end of this year creeps inevitably towards us I am feeling somewhat annoyed.
That is the understatement of the year, in the terminology of our US cousins I am totally pissed.
After the surgery dealing with Peter's death buggered about with the death certificate and delayed it for a week, the Funeral Directors can not give a date as the "Humanitarian" who deals with non religious cremations can not fit us in to her schedule for about 3 days. To rub salt into an inflamed wound this person has announced that she and only she will read the Eulogy. Oh and if anyone would like to visit Peter in the Chapel of Rest it will cost them £80!

All I can say is watch this space, Jeannie is writing a poem and Michael will be reading it out. I will speak in Peter's  memory and I expect others will also. 
 This is becoming almost farcical, in fact it is worthy of  an episode in a soap opera.

I do have one ray of sunshine to share with you. One of the lovely folk who read my scribbling has been entertained enough to leave me a gift at Button Up and Stitch. Who ever you are I thank you deeply, I have not used it yet but be assured that it will be used soon and that I will show and tell here.

I was about to indulge myself with a good moan about how stressful the last 2 weeks have been, how I will be starting next year on a low note.
No, no and thrice no.
My stress and inconvenience is as nothing compared to what Jeannie has and is suffering, her eldest son is on the South coast about to become the father of twins and is in sole charge of a toddler. Her other son lives close but has serious health issues and can not give any support.

When this period is done and dusted I will still have my life intact, Jeannie's will be in tatters.

On a positive note Jools Holland will be working his magic as usual and ushering in the new year. I will have a good Skype chat to my family in Australia and with James, Cerys and the children in Wales and with Fran in London.
I have my friends and neighbours around me and plenty to keep myself busy.

I would like to wish all a very Good New Year.

I just remembered this and had to share it.
 I heard the tail end of a radio program recently and the person being interviewed was talking about the new Pope and the new Archbishop, he asked for there to be more concentration on giving the people what they need, which in his view was love. Hmm a bit Highfalutin for me. I would like to see a deal more action in getting the hungry fed, the homeless into accommodation and the sick treated promptly and with all due care.

This should be a time to take real action to give help where it is needed, I know that we have a moral obligation to provide aid wherever it is needed but for a while I would like to see that aid focused solely on our own population.
I find it hard to swallow our politicians on TV pontificating about how many millions and billions are being used for aid overseas when children go to school hungry, when the elderly have to choose between food and heat and when our nurses are stretched so thin that patients in hospital are left on trolleys for hours and people suffer from malnutrition and dehydration because there is nobody to make sure that they can eat and drink.

Oh Dear I seem to have jumped on my soap box again. I need a walk in the fresh air, hope it doesn't rain hard all morning.

TTFN                                                              Pam


  1. Ah Pam, that's so unlike you, youre normally so upbeat,you must be pissed! Sounds bloody ridiculous about the £80 all just money making. I totally agree with you about the elderly. They were having a big discussion about how many lives could be saved and how many million it would cost to build a cycle track up in the sky the other day. I thought, was a load of old tosh, we can't even look after our old people and we still have people living in doorways in boxes. It's a mad old world innit?
    Chin up luv and happy new year. X

    1. Oh I am still on the up, it was just a rant against the system, my shoulders are broad.

  2. Pam I think its absolutely disgraceful the way you are all bring treated, its enough that you are grieving a loved one without having the stress of what can only be demmed as a money making racket! I hope things calm down for you and that Peters final journey goes ahead they way you want it to and without a hitch. Xx

    Oh I totally agree about the overseas aid and the way people are being treated these days, it makes my blood should begin st home! Nuff said....

    Happy New Year Pam I hope its a good one for you, you deserve it xxx

    1. The system is run to a set menu and any slight changes make for a great deal of paperwork, this is just how it is. We will prevail, I am busy changing my rooms around so that Jeannie can come and stay for a few weeks.

  3. I have to disagree with you about overseas aid. If everyone thought that way - so many more millions of people would die of malnutrition. 1 in 5 people in the world live on $1 a day. Jesus tells us to love one another - not just those in our country.

    1. Old people die of cold and hunger every year in this country, children go to school dirty and hungry. Our politicians and some of our "celebrities" dance across the media bleating about overseas aid being essential, and so it is but not to the detriment of our own people. I care deeply enough to donate regularly to a food bank but that is not the answer. I know that there will always be those who are uneducated and incapable of looking after themselves, I also know that there are those who want a hand up not a hand out. Jesus also said Suffer not the little children, unfortunately many thousands do suffer. I do not wish to promote a lengthy debate, I uphold the right of everyone to have their own point of view. I would just like our government to sort out their own house.

  4. Right on ... well said!
    Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year Pam ... just like to thank you for your friendship over the last year .. here's to more bloggy fun in the next one.

    Vicky x


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