Thursday, 5 December 2013

It's beginning to smell like Christmas round here.

The first mince pies with this years mincemeat have come out of the oven.

These are destined for the CS tomorrow morning, it is market day and they won't have time to pop out to the bakery , while I was rolling pastry I made a few sausage rolls as well, the pastry ran out before the sausage meat so I wound a cut of strip around the last one. I don't like to re roll shortcrust pastry, it makes it a little tough. I don't waste any, I cook the off cuts and just pop them on some cooked fruit for instant pie, it,s a cheat but that's what you get in many a restaurant. 

I caught the lovely Nigel cooking Christmas leftovers on TV last night and tonight I copied one of his dishes.

Bubble and Squeak cakes, Nigel made his with roast parsnips and sprouts and put a little bit of cheese in the middle. Fine, I had parsnips but no sprouts. What I did have was cabbage, broccoli and some carrot and swede mash so that's what I used, I also had a piece of RTC Cambozola and used that, a dusting of flour and a rest in the fridge to firm up.

I browned them in a dab of butter and a slug of oil and popped them in the oven with the baking for 15 minutes, too good, much too good.

Another batch of Delia's mincemeat, I wasn't drunk just suffering from a slight list to starboard. These are all for gifting.

Apart from that I have been clearing my dresser and I have a box of stuff for the CS, I am also emptying my bookcase. I now have enough space in one of the built in cupboards to hold everything so the bookcase is going.

I have a big mirror hanging over the fireplace, I want to move it opposite the window to help the low light levels. I am thinking of making a wall hanging to replace it.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The sweet smell of mince pies drifting round the cottage.

2. 5 jars of lusciousness sitting in the kitchen.

3. More floor space coming my way soon, very soon.

4. Ben running around with Greg, the dog next door, ears flapping, tail going round in circles.

5. A meeting with an old friend this morning, a gossip and a good catch up.

All in all it has been a good day, it has been cold and windy, there was a flurry of rain but the wind was so strong it blew the clouds away.

Tomorrow I will finish clearing the bookcase and claim that floor space. No sewing for me before Monday, it will be brush and gloss or emulsion, lovely, pray for a dry day the windows will be open.

                   TTFN                               Pam


  1. Mmmmmmm smell those mince pies and sausage rolls from here!

    1. I know the wind was strong, but that far!

  2. All looks lovely, I blimmin love mince pies and scoffed a few with my pal today :)

    1. I like them swimming in custard, if I am having them cold I make a slice using shortbread mix and sandwich the mincemeat between 2 layers. All calorie free you know.

  3. One of your sausage rolls would be delicious for breakfast tomorrow. I love seeing pictures of what real homemakers cook

  4. Oh my gracious that all looks delish! Need to look up the recipe for the Bubble and Squeak Cakes! I have never made mince pies my great Aunt Mary used to. Been a very very long time since I had any. May have to change that!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. I love a bit of Nigel. They look Devine, with a bit of cheese in them too, yum yum. Have you seen the film about him, Toast? Very good. X

    1. I haven't seen the film but I have the book.


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