Wednesday 4 December 2013

Four Down, One to Go.

Firstly a big welcome to a new follower, Hazel, I hope you enjoy your visits.
Secondly I have made a start on my challenge, a pattern has been drawn up this morning for aprons, this is for someone I know who is not very tall but quite round, she describes herself as a Little Norfolk Dumpling. She is not hugely fat but when you are only 5ft any size bigger than Posh Spice looks big. most aprons are too long for her so she folds them at the waist which means she loses the pocket and the top flops around. She wants 5 in the new year, not before as she doesn't plan on washing up over Christmas, clever girl.

I found a new blog to read from a comment on yesterdays post and will be going back later armed with a mug of coffee and maybe something " naughty but nice". I will set my timer so I don't outstay my welcome.

I took photos of my CS buys but the colour is not too good, it has been a grey day.

The colours are too dark, the background is much lighter, if it is brighter tomorrow I will try again.

This is better, I see lots of use in this double duvet cover, it is poly cotton but will back some of my vintage fabrics.

I have had my 4th visit to Miss Whiplash, 1 left to do in 2 weeks time, she is very good and is working out a muscle strengthening exercise routine for me. My movement range is much improved although I still have stiffness and the aches and pins that go with it.

Tomorrow I will be washing paintwork down ready for painting Friday. I have emptied my linen cupboard, now I just need to weed all the unwanted things out. How did I end up with so much, I'll tell you how. I have a friend who changes her colour scheme when the wind changes and passes her cast offs to me. She buys towel sets and only uses half of them, I get the rest. I have told her that she has more money than sense, her reply is that she can afford it and is keeping people in employment.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A good friend with a generous streak.

2. A warm glow from my new stretching routine.

3. Ben is still clean and sweet smelling.

4. A pattern won on a giveaway I had forgotten about.

5. A surprise phone call from an old work mate.

I have a simple dinner planned, jacket potato, and salad, I will put a little blue brie in the potato, I got some less than half price Cambozola and it is portioned up and in the freezer. Sometime in the next few days my Co op dividend will be added, I will have no problem spending it and the money equivalent will go to my challenge.

I feel the need for tea so it is                       TTFN            Pam                    


  1. No divi this year :(

    They did not make a profit :( but are offering 10% off every spend over £10 as vouchers which can be redeemed up to 24 Dec. We are actually ahead as a result compared to the usual "divi"

    Still worrying though :(

    1. I am not sure what the divi is, we will be getting it over the next few days.

  2. Sounds like you are doing much better! I have a box I hope to send your way pretty soon - I have been rather under the weather and slow to get things sorted - but it sits by my table so I'm adding to it now and again!

  3. Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I lost my job several years ago due to the recession and never found another that suited as I am so busy at home now!
    3 quilts are impatiently waiting for bindings, several hooked rugs in progress, Christmas cards half done, and just now the donkey calling that everyone in the barn wants breakfast! Off to feed and finish painting the dining room...

    1. I had to buy some more basting spray today, 3 tops and backs ready to layer. I have not hooked a rug for years but am looking out for tweed clothes in the Charity shops to make one, I found my hook a few days ago.


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