Monday 31 March 2014

Monday again, where did last week go?

Here we are again, Monday, they seem to come round twice as fast now that I have retired. Possibly because there are not enough hours in the day for me to do all the things that I want to. Goodness knows how I found the time to go to work.

We took Fran back to Beckenham yesterday, Michael drove as it plays my joints up to do more than 100 miles in one go. I crocheted part of the journey, just trying a few things out and will share later.

We arrived at around 11:30 and had a cuppa closely followed by a ham and salad sandwich and a cookie. We cleared the kitchen up and set off to the park.

As you can see it is colourful.

Michael, Fran and Ben getting ahead while I take my photos. That border smells as good as it looks.

Although I am, not a fan of grey squirrels I can see their appeal, they are very tame in the park and some of them can be hand fed.

This one was much more wary and would not let me get close.
I did take loads of photos and will share them during the week.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A lovely afternoon wandering around in the sun.

2. Ben met lots of playmates including a very active little Bichon girl.

3. A sneaky ice cream for Fran and I.

4. We spoke to several of the strollers and all were very friendly. Mind you they were dog walking like us.

5. The park was full of family groups enjoying the fresh air and relaxing together.

I was quite surprised at just how many folk were out and about, the parks at home are usually empty except for the dog walkers.

The journey back was iffy to start with, there had been an accident either in or near to the Blackwall tunnel and it took us 30 minutes to cover 2 1/2 miles, g r o a n.
Once through we were off and there were no further hold ups, it was lovely having the extra hour of daylight.
Once home Ben was fed and watered and lots of tea was made and drunk by me.

I have been busy clearing the rubbish out of my blackcurrant and gooseberry corner. I have cut down lots of greenery and put it through the shredder and then back as mulch around the bushes.

I have had a cuppa and a sandwich, Ben needs another walk and then I am off out into the garden again.

      TTFN                                               Pam


  1. What a lovely walk you had and that squirrel is cute - they are very naughty but I can't help loving them! x

    1. They are cute even though it is wrong I like to see them playing.

  2. I did part of my nursing training in Beckenham many moons ago! I was interested to see your pics as I am sure it has changed a great deal since then!
    When I stayed with my brother in Mottingham a few years back he had squirrels in the garden. I understand they are a bit of a pest now, shame they are cute.

    1. The real problem with the grey is that they have pushed the little red out and they of course were introduced into the UK.


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