Saturday, 2 August 2014

16 to 19 done and dusted'

I had a very late night last night followed by a very early morning, I think I managed 3 hours sleep and another half hour squirming around before throwing in the towel and getting up.

I did not waste the time though, I completed 2 started projects and made 2 more from scratch.

My scrappy quarter square triangles are now a cushion, with a border from the Bloomsbury Collection and backed with some Chicopee from Denyse Schmidt.

The Half Square Triangles are now a child size quilt, I forgot to take a picture of the backing, it is a creamy yellow and very soft.

I was drinking tea, much, much earlier this morning and reading a few blogs, one of which was Chrissie Crafts. She has made an apron for a teachers gift using a tutorial from Sandra at Cherry Heart. Well I had to pop over and have a look see, it would have been rude not to. Once I got there I liked it so much that I am now following.

I had a light bulb moment and thought, I need one of those for when I am doing the housework, I am constantly finding random things that have wandered away from their allotted place. This little apron has 3 pockets and is not flouncy or gathery to get in the way.

I made this in less than an hour, and I love it BUT....... it is a touch small.

So out came some more fabric, and another bit of ribbon.

20" wide, much better, there are still 3 pockets but wider. I am now thinking of a longer one with 2 layers of pockets.

So there we are, numbers 16, 17, 18 and 19 crossed off. I told Francesca about the aprons and she would like one in Seasonal fabrics (still too early for the C word) I will fill the pockets with dusters and polish and so on.

I have had an Email from Myra in Winnipeg, Canada. She is unable to comment unless she does is under Anonymous, ideas anybody?
Ben's skin condition is an unknown quantity, partly it is because he has been growing too much skin. This becomes flaky, hard in places quite wet in others, he had managed to get a yeast infection and grow some bacteria. The new medications are helping with this and to further help I have put him on an additive free diet.

Veeknits19 expressed an interest in my new snips, I have a pair for you, just email me your snail mail address and I will get them off to you. They are the last pair in the shop and there may not be any more.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  A mostly dry and sunny day.

2.  4 more projects completed.

3.  Homemade Pizza for dinner and 2 for the freezer.

4.  I found a small pile of fat quarters this morning.

5.  I had tea with Maggie this afternoon, complete with a lap full of tortoiseshell cat.

Tomorrow I will clean the new machine and put a new needle in, I have done so much sewing this is the third time I will have done this. I still have to try out the overlocker, possibly tomorrow while dinner cooks.
Ben is ready for another short walk, I look forward to long walks sometime, sooner rather than later. Then it will be time for tea.

                TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I am also from Winnipeg and have a Google ID. It appears to let me comment using this name. It is my blog, which I use when we are travelling, and is also on like yours. Maybe Myra can try Google.

    1. Thank you for that, I do like the way that bloggers are always ready to help each other. I is like being part of a small community, just spread over rather a large area.

  2. P.S. I enjoy your blog very much. I recently learned some quilting and enjoy seeing pictures of your projects.

    1. I love to sew and make colourful gifts for family and friends, I find all the stages from choosing the fabric onward relaxing and exciting at the same time. Luckily there is a long list of items that I can make knowing that there is a home for them.

  3. Wow, I'm overwhelmed that you have a pair of snips for me! What a happy surprise! I'm thrilled! In the meantime I'm having trouble emailing you as the email on your profile page opens up Outlook express on my PC which isn't set up. Not sure how to proceed from here, any ideas please. I am on Gmail via my Google account.
    Vee xx

    PS You have been really busy, I love the cushions and the apron. I will pop over to look at the apron pattern, I do like a fabric, waist tied apron with pockets - essential for cooking & housework! The seasonal one sounds lovely. Vee x

  4. Oh dear I am not good at the techno stuff, I will give you a mobile number to send me a text, then I can get the snips into the mail. 07518267447. I looked at your blog but there is no way (that I know) to leave a comment. That apron sewed up so quickly, I have 4 more cut out ready to sew tomorrow, I am thinking of looking for some wide seasonal tape/bias binding to use for the waist ties, incidentally I made those longer than the pattern as I like to wrap them round and tie in the front.

  5. Thanks Pam, I've texted you my address. Sorry I can't text digits on my phone, maybe because it's set on predictive text, which is usually good for me - until it comes to numbers! Anyway, substitute 19th for nineteenth in the email address & it will be right. Thanks again, Vee xx
    PS It feels like Xmas to me! :))

  6. You have no idea how good it is to find someone else who finds today's techno stuff difficult, I can look at a quilt and see exactly how to make the blocks with no need for a pattern but I can not use my "posh" phone and use a very very old clamshell mobile that came from Tesco.

  7. You are so talented with your sewing. I adore those cushion covers x

    1. I just love playing with fabric, I can be very busy, have an idea pop into my head and off I go, jobs abandoned meal times forgotten. I do always remember to walk and feed Ben.


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