Friday, 1 August 2014

Just Trimming in the Rain

Not just trimming, cutting, sewing, pressing and drinking tea, of course.

This is the trimming, only 1/8" slivers, not much waste just a tedious but essential stage.


These are what I was trimming, I have almost finished and will share tomorrow. I do have several HSTs left towards another project.
I made these by a new method, I cut 5" wide WOF strips and paired pattern with solid white, right sides together and joined with a 1/4" seam down both long edges. Then using a triangle 90 degree ruler and fipping it from edge to edge, I cut into triangles. opened out they were perfect HSTs and squared up to 6" unfinished.
Of course there was a small half sized piece at each end and with a bit of pressing and trimming they became these.

A bit of sewing and this happened.

The block is 15 1/2" unfinished and will become something over the weekend.
Of course I was using up scraps as leaders and enders, I am getting  a nice stack of these and will use them to make another cushion cover. I want to make a set of four to go to James and Cerys as spares for when the original set need washing.

It has been raining most of the day here, at times it has hammered down and at times just a haze in the air. I have managed to get Ben out in the dry 3 times.
He went to the Vet again this morning and I picked up a months supply of his medication. Fingers crossed they seem to be doing the trick, I have also put him on an additive free diet, I will try anything to get him some relief from the itching.
I will have to shop sometime over the weekend, I need some fruit and veg. I will also have to make bread, but not cake. I made a simple tray bake today while the oven was on, I spread jam in the base of a pyrex oblong dish, sprinkled it with a generous layer of coconut and tipped a 2 egg cake mix over. I own up to having some warm with custard, the rest will be cut and frozen in squares. I will just defrost when I want cake, I will not be putting it in the ding oven as I no longer have one. Mine died just before the move and I have yet to need one, if the day comes when I do it is just a 10 minute drive out to get one.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  No need to water my growing collection of pots today.

2.  The Basil and Sage grown from cuttings are romping away.

3.  I have had a good day playing in the sewing room.

4.  The white solid in my sewing was found hiding between some vintage pillowcases and I have 3 yards of it.

5.  I have accrued £72 in Tesco vouchers, goodness knows how. 

I have used the vouchers to buy some outside storage by Keter. I plan on sewing tomorrow as the forecast is for more rain and I have a few things planned.

The grass is growing so fast, thanks to this rain, that I can practically hear it, good job that I don't mind pushing the mower around. I live in hope that it will encourage my courgette plants to have some female flowers at last. I also hope that the blackberries will swell nicely before they ripen.

I have started watching the Bones dvd,s from series 1, I did not start watching them on tv until series 6. I am loving it and have to be careful not to sit and watch end to end episodes.
On that note I may just watch one before bed.

                          TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Cannot follow the sewing language at all but am always so impressed with what you make. I love watching it happen and the finished product. You are very talented.
    Have you heard of a make of dog food called Lily's kitchen. Bit pricey but I really recommend it. Not sponsored by them or anything ha - I wish.x

    1. I have never heard of it but will do some research, I have used the full words in today,s post, glad you are enjoying it all.

  2. Wow! You make the sewing look so quick and easy which I'm sure it isn't! The block you have done looks so fresh with the greens and yellows x

    1. I love to sew and when I can do it without spending Im love it even more.


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