Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Meet Doris and look what I found.

Another busy day, emptying cases and boxes, moving things around and filling a bag for leukaemia research to be collected tomorrow. I also have a bag for the first CS I come to in Ammanford  on my next visit.
Hiding in the bottom of a very large case full of winter clothes I found treasure.

Two duvet covers with a single pillowcase each, I will get lots of squares and strips out of these.

5 Solid colour pillowcases, always good for borders and sashing and 6 patterned ones.

A pillowcase that has a medallion center, the other side is the same so this will become a pair of something.

The last 2 are very similar in pattern and colour so I will have to be careful where I place them, probably 2 different projects.

I had a delivery this afternoon, let me introduce you to Doris.

I put an old dress on her just to check the measurements, perfect, it fits her just as it does me, the zip will not close for the last 3 inches. 
I look forward to spending lots of productive time in her company, as far as I can see there is only one fault. She can not make tea.
 I now have more or less finished upstairs, just a few things to find a permanent home for.
All this work in the house means another no sewing day, I will have to make up for lost time in the remainder of the week.
On the upside, in between the down pours I got 2 loads of washing done, dried and ironed.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Laundry done for a few days.

2.  Tidy bedrooms with no cases or boxes looming out of the corners.

3.  A pile of rediscovered vintage linen.

4.  Ben has continued to have a positive response to his meds.

5.  I found 3 books on Amazon today second hand for 1p each plus postage.

I also found the library in the next village and will be going tomorrow afternoon. 
If the weather is good I must get the grass cut or I will find myself hay making rather than mowing.
I am watching Kirstie on the telly, her show "fill your house for free" is very entertaining. People do throw some lovely things away, I picked up a repro mahogany dining table with 2 carvers, 2 chairs and a long display unit a few years ago, when I sold the house I sold the furniture as well. I have Sanderson material curtains that cost less than £5 from the CS when the fabric is more than 4 times that for a yard.

We have just had a downpour so I am off to get Ben out for a quick walk.
      TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. I have a Gloria I use when I'm selling clothes on Ebay. I called her Gloria as she is usually hanging round a corner of the house in all her Glory IYKWIM ;)

    I love going to a new Library x

    1. Ben is fascinated by Doris, he keeps sidling up to her and checking her out, I think he is hoping for a biscuit.

  2. I have a Deidery she is so usefull and a good companion. I hope you and Doris have a long and happy working relationship :-)

    1. At the moment she still has the dress on plus my cardi and an apron that is half made.


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