Wednesday 6 August 2014

A win win and a disappointment.

Remember this from yesterday, I know it has been less than 24 hours but I forget things all the time.

The blue will become the back of several things and will end up in my scrappy patchwork but the over the top blowsy pink is a horse of a different colour my friends.

To console myself and soothe my psyche after 2 days of mind numbing sorting and tidying I took half an hour to play.
The pink is now this.

This is waste.

This is not.

Well what is it then I hear you thinking, the woman has finally lost it.
In the cooler months I lurve my soft snugly duvet as much as the next person, more than some as my window is only shut if the wind is blowing the curtains in on the horizontal or rain is driving in.
In the warm months I love my cotton sheets and a patchwork quilt, I keep a thick throw across the bottom of the bed just in case it turns chilly. I do have crisp white cotton sheets and I have a few patterned ones because, as you may have noticed, I likes a bit of colour.

I know have a blowsy sheet, a bit of trimming, some super fast steamy time with the iron and a quick blast on the Janome et voila!

Some of you may have seen the log cabin quilt before, I have made several versions of it. This one is mainly Bonnie and Camille fabric left over from other quilts. In the spirit of living in a rainbow I have a deepish mauve throw on the bed this week.

I claim this as number 21 in my challenge, I do not think it is a cheat as I have made it over from my stash, and besides that its mine and I love it.

While upstairs I thought I would show you my "new" bathroom cabinet, I have stacks of towels, Ben goes through several each day when it rains, and have to keep them somewhere.

It came from the shop in Crosshands and was the princely sum of £10, I have seen the mirrors on Ebay for 3 times that. Of course it has the odd scrape and scratch, but none so bad that I feel the need to do anything about them. It was very grubby but cleaned up easily and all the bits are intact, it reminds me of my Granny, she had a bedroom suite very much like it. Much nicer than an expensive bit of MDF from a big store for How Bluddy Much. All the joints are dovetailed and it is as sound as new.

The disappointment was in the garden, or rather it was not in the garden. I went up to pick my courgettes that had had appeared after so long only to find them gone, disappeared, not there. I saw no snail trail and they should have been at least 6" long each. I have no clue as to what may have eaten them, but I better not catch it in the act. 'Nuff said.

On a happy happy note my new Sew Magazine arrived today.

The free pattern is for Knit fabric and I will not use it, so if anyone wants it let me know, first one gets it.

One of my go to quilt blocks, in some scrummy colours from  a new fabric collection. Don't panic, I am not about to rush out and spend, I may however be cherry picking through my stash later ( once I have sewed the 4 aprons together)

The I spotted this, and with a quick glance thought ooh a bag made from pyjamas, how thrifty. Then I had another look, it is a bag made for pyjamas, how old fashioned I had one of those at school. But I need a pair of dirty laundry bags, dark and light, and PJ,s are cheap as chips in the CS. But wait I have a load of HST blocks in pale colours and some squares in dark colours somewhere. They are on my To Do list.

This is the Tease page, what is in next months issue. I am so going to make that dress, without 6" of net peeping out, in fact I will probably make 2 as I am sure that Francesca will want one. I apologise for the Seasonal page but I quite like all things Scandi as does Fran.

O M G just look at the time, I must dash. Library will be open soon and Ben needs a walk first.

                 TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Hi there, My good friend could make use of this pattern if it is still going thanks Kathy

  2. Kathy, it is yours. Email me your snail mail address and I will pop it in the post. I hate to waste anything but all knitted fabric makes me so hat and itchy so I just do not wear it. Shame because it drapes wonderfully and just glides over all the curves.

  3. Pam, sorry this is off topic from your post but I bought some (very reduced) gooseberries which I have frozen. Have you any ideas what I could make with them. Not jam as not brave enough yet for that. Maybe a crumble or pie. I just don't know what goes well with them. I had them as a child and they were bitter. Hope you don't mind its just google has not produced many ideas. x

  4. You can make anything with gooseberries that you can make with apples. But you will need more sugar, I heat them through for around 5 minutes with some sugar, just till they simmer a bit. Then taste for sweetness, add some more sugar or Maple syrup like I do, then into a greased pyrex dish and cover with a basic 2 or 3 egg sponge mix and bake at 280 for around 25-30 minutes, lovely with custard or cream when hot and makes a nice cake when cold. I do make crumble with them sometimes and sometimes a pie. If you cook them till very soft you can leave them till cold and stir into an equal amount of cold custard to make a fool ( even nicer with half and half custard and cream) or use plain yogurt or creme fraiche. Now I am hungry, off to the kitchen.

    1. Thank you for taking time to answer this. Really appreciate it. Think I might try a pie x

  5. You have been busy! It's a mystery where those courgettes could have gone. They're quite prolific though, so hopefully there will be many more on the way. We went to the allotment this morning, and the children's sweetcorn and popcorn had been completely decimated by badgers. We would rather that they'd taken the courgettes! CJ xx

    1. Oh would that I had sweetcorn and popcorn for anyone to take, next year fingers crossed. It is sad for the children though, it is so exciting to grow something from seed and then get to eat the end result. Perhaps the Badgers have had enough courgettes.

  6. Hi Pam, thankyou so much, the postman brought me a lovely surprise today, he brought me the snips with handy point cover & lanyard. I'm so thrilled ( I was less thrilled with the car tax reminder that he also brought me!). Please can I pay you the cost & postage?
    I am in awe of your quilting and dressmaking skills, I sew a little. I used to make my own dresses and also used to do patchwork - handsewing hexagons together, but don't make much these days. Last venture was pillowcase dresses to send to Africa, I enjoyed that, but do get fed up with multiple attempts to thread the needle even with my glasses on! Never used to have that problem! I do knit & like to have something on the needles at all times, often more than one work in progress. The snips will be so useful, I'd never seen anything quite like them. Thankyou again, you really are a wonderful woman, Vee xx

    1. Please accept the snips as a "pay it forward" gift. I have been sent and given fabric in the past, including a box stuffed to the gills from America.a gift from Patty@institches. The time will come when you can pay it forward and so it goes on, spreading a little happiness.

    2. Thankyou so much, Pam. I certainly will pay it forward, always a good philosophy & always good to put a smile on someone's face. Thanks again. By the way the jelly looks great,
      Vee xx


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