Sunday 24 August 2014

Simple Sunday Sewing

I thought that this would be have to be titled " I hab a code" but thanks to some long forgotten Cold & Flu capsules, that I found in a far off corner of the first aid kit I no longer have a cold. At least I no longer have the symptoms, I also have to give credit to Night Nurse and having Fran in the house.

I have done very little crafting, oops, I mean sewing since my last post. I have put 5 more rounds on the granny blanket, which is now living on Fran's bed. I have also sewn this together, I made these squares over a year ago and promptly forgot them, all I have to do now is crochet an edge then find someone who would like it.

I found the wool in my local CS in Long Sutton, it was all of 50p. There was just enough of the pink for the first round and to make a few flower middles. I will edge it with 2 rows of trebles and a row of double crochet, I have not measured it bit I estimate that it will finish at 3 ft square.

It is Kaitlyn's birthday this week, as she is only going to be 2 I am buying a storage unit for her bedroom. She will have a mountain of presents but I still want to give her something to unwrap.
I have read on several blogs about a new sewing magazine, yesterday in Swansea I found a copy and snapped it up, I have now taken out a subscription.

I love this dress pattern but will have to make it a bit longer, both Fran and I can see ourselves wearing it.

I have read through the tutorial and can see several pairs of these for "That time of the year" I have some seriously cute prints in my stash that will be ideal.

But there was one project that jumped out at me, perfect for a small gift for Kaitlyn. So I uncovered the machine, blew the dust off the cutting mat and plugged in the iron.

I used 3 prints from the stash and made 2, I just reversed the main panel prints to make them slightly different, oh and I put a pink ribbon on Kaitlyn's. I found a pack of fat wax crayons to put in it. I will make this again and make it taller and wider as the pockets are a bit tight for a small child to manage. Thinner crayons would have been better but little hands are better with the fatter ones.

The back view, the eagle eyed will notice that the top print is seasonal but I chose it for the colours. The teddy print has been lurking for ages and suits this very well.

Here is the page that inspired me, the stylist has used thinner crayons, unobservant me has only just twigged that the roll barely holds the length of them. Tut tut.

I picked up a small colouring book to go with them, I am certain that Mum and Dad will be colouring in with Kaitlyn at some point. I will put some plain paper in as well there is nothing nearer a recipe for disaster than a small child with crayons and no paper. No wall is safe.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Fran is here for a week.

2.  We are going to see the children tomorrow.

3.  I am planning a visit to Folly Farm.

4.  This morning I found a supplier of damsons.

5.  I am roasting some Welsh Beef for dinner.

The trip to folly Farm is quite lengthy but worth it, it is one of the best places that I have visited, pricey to get in but then you spend as little or much as you like. I also drive past my source of Maple Syrup and I intend to buy a years supply.

The Welsh beef was RTC and at half price I have some in the freezer as well as the fridge.

The damsons will become jelly, some for Fran and some for me.

I was reading Lucy's post on her blog, Attic24, and drooling over her seaside ripple blanket. I think that I will be buying the pack ready for the winter, crocheting away on the sofa with Ben in the evenings and maybe a little early morning hooky with a cup of tea before I get up.
I am not a quiet, subdued colour fan but the blanket just whispers the soft colours of the North Norfolk coast, and some of the little places around here. I am strangely drawn to it, I may have to make it bigger though.

I now need to walk Ben before starting dinner, later I have some blog reading and some comment answering to do.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.

        TTFN                                                  Pam




  1. I love the colours of your blanket. I saw attic24's and thought the way the pictures were taken was fantastic.

    1. Lucy makes me want to lock myself away and crochet till my fingers fall off every time I read her blog. I really have to plan a camera buying/learning day soon.

  2. Love the crayon roll. Over here in South Africa saw some for sale last Christmas but decided to make my own. Made several for children,s Xmas presents and then decided to alter the size to make rolls for a set of gel pens or felt tips for older children. Hope kaitlyn enjoys her one.

    1. I have seen this basic roll used for make up brushes, pens, crochet hooks and knitting pins. The most unusual version was a present for a keen cook, it was full of wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks and the ties were positioned so that unrolled it could be worn as an apron.

  3. when are you planning to go to Folly Farm I have some vouchers free child admission with 2 paying adults let me know I can send them to you :-)

    1. We hope to go to Folly Farm next week, the free vouchers would be very welcome, thank you. I can collect them if it is easier, I will be in the Carmarthen are quite frequently this week.

    2. I have sent you an e-mail

  4. Lovely makes and hope your cold vamooses!

    1. Thank you, I hope so too. I do feel much less snuffly today.


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