Sunday, 31 August 2014

Smashing Sunny Sunday

I finally opened my scrap packs from Isabeau this morning and just look at what I got.

There is enough Pooh fabric and blenders here to make a baby quilt, I have not made a boy one for ages.

This mixture of wide and narrow strips, squares and rectangles will be split over a few different things, but not before I work through the rest of my challenge.

I walked Ben early and put 2 loads of washing through the machine before breakfast. Did a bit of cooking and then walked down to see Maggie for coffee ( and a very naughty Danish pastry), we picked some apples from her tree and had a wander round her garden, it is about twice the size of mine and is stuffed full, mind you she has been there almost 20 years.
After Ben had another walk we drove out to the Gower, we had a wander round the village, and walked up s very steep hill. At one point I was almost on my hands and knees. We followed that with a gentle ramble on the grassy river bank before coming home. I took a few pictures of the little park that houses the War Memorial.

This bed was blazing in full sun, the contrast with the stone was brilliant.

This long bed is much more subtle, a mix of softer colours with just the deeper yellows as spots of brightness.

The memorial is set in the middle of the park with a horse shoe bed of scarlet poppies wrapped round it. That is stunning in the sunshine, each bloom seemed to be on fire.
All in all it has been a smashing day.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  I am now driving with no pain or discomfort.

2.  Francesca had a good week, even if the weather was a bit iffy.

3.  The local library, run by volunteers  is thriving.

4.  My sewing room is almost tidy again.

5.  The gladioli in my garden are starting to flower.

Glads are not my favourite  bloom but they will make a splash of colour. When they die down I am going to empty the bed and replant. I will move them to the bed under the window, they will get shelter from the wind and look better with the roses.

I am going to cut the fabric out to make a few zippered pouches, I will fill them with some of the bits and bobs that litter my table and every flat surface in the sewing room. I also need to make a crochet hook roll and another crayon roll for Junior. That will be tomorrows job, I can press all the fabric while I am ironing.

Now it is time for a brew and then some blog reading. I have ordered a kit to make the sea shore ripple blanket from Attic 24. I have been drooling over it since Lucy posted all the scrummy photos.

                          TTFN                                              Pam

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