Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jammin 'n sewin through my day

I am pleased to tell you that I found enough blackberries and crab apples within reach to make 3 jars of jelly this morning. A lovely way to start the day, even if Ben though that his breakfast should have taken priority.

They have Francesca's name on them, she gets the first batch of every jelly that I make, a little spoiling goes a long way.

I have made a curry for the freezer and a Lamb Pastie for dinner, the rest will be fine cold tomorrow.
 Ben has been walked, fed, played with and walked and fed again. He has one more walk to come.

On the sewing front I have killed 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak. Not only have I raided the stash and made a lined skirt but I used the overlocker for the first time.

A line with pockets, not as full skirted as the last ones that I made, and I really wanted to squeeze the Russian Doll fabric into something, it was a small remnant from Button up and Stitch in Wisbech. I have lined the waistband with it, no one will see but Fran, I just thought it was cute.

Here is the lining, showing my (none too skillful) use of the overlocker.

My tight side came out when I saw how much thread was wasted running off at the end of a seam so I chain sewed, just as I do when piecing patchwork. Result.

The sharp eyed among you will have seen that there are pins in the waistband. I have not quite finished, I just have to slip stitch the lining down and put a hook and eye in. I will show and tell tomorrow, and claim as my next finish in my challenge.

Reasons to be Grateful.

1.  More sun, ripening the berries.

2.  My first batch of jelly for the year.

3.  A present for Fran almost done.

4.  An email from Australia this morning.

5.  The grass was cut for me today.

I do love the sunshine, and at this time of the year I love it even more, seeing the berries ripen and getting ready to jam or jelly them fills me with glee. I do make jelly mostly as Fran does not like pips. the exception is gooseberry, it has to be jam and it should be pink.

Fran has no idea that I am making that skirt, she knows that there are 2 on the way but this is a surprise, she does not read the blog so no danger in showing it.

I had an email this morning from a follower in Australia, she would like to send me some fabric, in exchange she would like a roomy tote bag with lots of pockets to take travelling. I am ready and waiting.

Michael cut the grass this afternoon, it was burning hot and Ben only had a quick whizz out, I did not count it as a walk we were only gone 5 minutes. That was more than enough for both of us.

I am off to tidy the kitchen before settling down with my hand sewing.

       TTFN                                                                Pam


  1. I am seriously looking at getting an overlocker, waiting until my log cabin is up its to be my work space.
    Your jam looks great, well done on finding enough ripened fruit, I havent noticed any up here ripe yet.

    1. Buy one, I love mine. It came ready threaded and the chap in the shop demonstrated how to tie on new thread and pull it through. He also went through all the models he had in stock, and one that was in for a service, he recommended 2 and sold me the cheapest of the 2 as it was perfect for my needs. I checked again this morning and in 2 days there will be loads more ready, just need to find some more apples.

  2. Pam, You can't imagine how exciting it was for me to see you joined my blog as a member. I'm not sure how to do it as I'm rather new at this. I started the blog in May and feel so good about helping others live the simple life. So a big warm welcome to you! Angie PS Your jam looks yummy!

  3. Thank you Angie, I like to search out new blogs to follow, I just read comments and click on those that interest me. I have .been lucky enough to find a few lately. I am now well settled in Wales and my home is rented, I did plan to find a house to buy but fell in love with this one and the area. I need to cover the rent without decimating savings so am avidly reading more frugal blogs to help me. Nobody is too old to learn new tricks, I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Thank you Sarina, I was almost hoping that Fran would not like it, it is both a blessing and a curse that we are roughly the same size. It does mean that I can make things for her while she is not here, I just have to alter the length and shorten the bodice as I am a few inches taller. I have had a look round your kitchen and will be back later.


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